hey, don't forget...

look closely {two}
look closely {one}
you won't regret it!

just practicing some of sweet kim's processing tips
and responding to krisitn's shutter sisters post today.

"nobody sees a flower really;
it is so small.
we haven't time,
and to see takes time -
like to have a friend takes time."
~georgia o'keeffe

and speaking of taking time to have a friend,
it takes time to be one, too.
and i want to thank my bloggy friends
for your coveted support and encouragement...
and for taking the time to comment
and shed encouragement on me in yesterday's post.
i think i'm starting to believe...
i AM a photographer.


chasity said...

i've been taking a photoshop class with kim this month. she is amazing and so sweet!
your photos are gorgeous...love the processing~

kristin said...

beautiful details.
thanks for getting up close for shutter sisters today.


thenextarrow said...

i just checked a georgie o'keeffe biography out the other day. so much inspiration in this post.

xo Alison

Michel said...

wonderful! love them both. they are so pretty and soft. you definitely ARE a photographer sweet lady!!!

slommler said...

What beautiful photos! Love the close up! And yes you are!

jacs23 said...

i wish you saw how beautifully talented you really were. you are a gift to so many others, through your words, your vulnerbility and your photographs. thank you for sharing your journey - i am continually touched by your words and courage to be bright even though the dark days exist. Jacs><>

Cindy Knull said...

Man, I LOVE your blog.

kelly@thebluemuse said...

oh, so lovely and ethereal, and I see, I see...and yes, of course, you are...

~Hurricane B~ said...

I love these two shots. The banners you put, the grainy yet clear image. Impressed. You have been a photographer for awhile. I love seeing your style grow, but you have been one to me since I first found your blog.

georgia b. said...

thank you all so very much.