rain dropped

rain dropped
happy {macro } monday. ready for another week? i'm not. but despite an emotionally difficult weekend and feeling rather tired and run down, i'm going into this week with some really great things to carry with me... little treasures, if you will.

our first thunderstorm of the season. pure decadence in the best {and most expensive } cupcake i've ever had from a new little cupcake shoppe just blocks from my house. raindrops so small and delicate, they seemed like they might disappear at just a mere breath. {the drops pictured above couldn't have been more than a couple of millimeters across.} capturing those raindrops with my macro lens. the honor of attending a baby shower of a dear friend. a drive through the country with nothing in sight but big white fluffy clouds and seas of dandelions and lush green {thank you, rain }. listening to evgeny kissin's piano performance along the way.

i'm off to bed {because it's actually sunday night as i write }, hoping to sleep better than i have been. hoping you found some little treasures over the weekend, too.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous drops, so lush.

slommler said...

What a beautiful photo! Captured beautifully those raindrops!! My weekend consisted of much snow!! Argh! Rain too!! Quite a mix of weather actually.
Also got to photograph my granddaughters in their prom dresses!! That was such a blessing.

margie said...

ate outside last night and woke up this morning to torrential downpour. spring rain. beautiful macros.

Diahn said...

what a perfectly round little drop at the top of the leaf. absolutely gorgeous!

Heather said...

I love thunderstorm and there's something so magical about rain and dew drops . . . sorry to hear you've had a difficult weekend and are struggling with sleep. Perhaps growing pains? That's what I tell myself. I must be in the middle of learning or adapting to something new :)

mrs mediocrity said...

Lovely...both the photo and the picture you painted with your words.

Jekisa Jean said...

what nice DOF you have my dear ! ;)

But seriously, I love this. And even though you had to explain the technical term to me,I would have liked it either way :)

also what I like is the pleasant thought of you driving on a sunday afternoon listening to Kissin. Remember his encore?

Fantastic. One of my favorite memories with you :)

Love you,

georgia b. said...

i do remember his encore... all eleven of them! how could i forget? that was amazing!

remember the two guys in front of us... how excited they were each time he'd continue on to another piece?

hilarious! has to be one of my fave memories, too... if not thee best one. let's do it again!

thanks for letting me traipse around your yard to take pictures. : )

Kara said...

I have been craving a macro lens lately, while also fighting the need to be content with what I have. What a beauty!!

Dave said...

very nice shot. I'm jealous of your Macro. I have one on my wish list, but other things keep pushing it back.