proof you can subtract color and still create beauty

i speak of red or gray...

black and white

the blog
and project
from the talented
e l k

you must visit if you haven't already
and see her beautiful work.


this is just a thank you post
to e l k
for featuring one of my b+w photos
from my most recent post
on her blog.

i like to feature the work of other photographers
on my ...shhhh blog,
and i am usually told by the person i feature
that they would be honored
to have their photo there.
that brings me much pleasure.
so i was very delighted to be asked for permission
to feature one of my photos for the first time.
why, yes, it
does feel good!

thank you, sweet e l k.
you made my day.

in fact, thanks to all who left such nice comments
about those b+w photos
{in my last post }.
it was a lot of fun to do
something a little different than the usual.

and for that matter,
thank you to all
who stop by regularly
or once in a while,
and comment regularly
or once in a while
and continue to take genuine interest
in my photography
and even {surprisingly } my words.

i don't always have time to respond.
but it's always apprciated.
for some of you, i'm not even able to reciprocate
with comment love,
because i have computer issues
{namely outdated browser software }
that keeps me from commenting on your space.

i might not say thank you enough here.
i may not seem as grateful as i am.
but trust me.
i am so very grateful
and glad
and honored
that you stop by
and converse with me
in my little corner of the blogging world.

i just thought you should know.

and because may can be such a colorful month,
i better leave you with some color,
and say
"a happy may day to you all!"

tulip in the window
welcome, may

{i promise... no more tulip photos.
well, not for a while, anyway.
it's just that i couldn't resist showing you all
a close-up view of that gorgeous little curl
that you see on that petal above
or that fabulous variegation
of the opened tulip seen from above.}


Lisa said...

Oooh! I haven't been by in so long but thse photos are still so inspiring! Soooo pretty! I am just loving these, I saw a lot of your recent photos when I logged into my flickr account and knew I just had to stop by here. Hope all is going well for you! <3

S. Etole said...

these are just stunning, Georgia ... thank you!

ginny said...

Happy May dear georgia x

Sueann said...

Love the photos! I always enjoy your work and your words. They enrich my life and inspire my creativity. Thank you!

mrs mediocrity said...

I love coming to your blog. (I have a soft spot for trees and flowers, too). That last picture is wonderful. They all are, actually.

Beth said...

I think it's great that you gave so much attention to the tulips. They are only with us a short time--at least here in Ohio. Last year my daughter sent me 15 cut tulips of different colors and varigations. Stunning--actually rather breath-taking--just as these photos of yours are!

elk said...

i am humbled . and happy to call you friend .

Kara said...

Seriously, are you able to stop time with magic powers so you can put so much time into such lovely blog posts??

Bring on the tulips!