showing my glow

tree glow {4}
tree top

tree glow {3}
tree detail

tree glow {2}
the tree in full

tree glow {1}
and a little fire works in december

just quickly showing off my glow {thanks to the lovely sister of my best friend who put up my tree last saturday} as prompted by tracey on shutter sisters today... but will be back for a more significant post soon.

hope you're glowing today.


Jenny Schouten Short said...

It is nice the way the lights glow. I can sit and look at them for a long time and reflect. You're in the space but also in you own space. Merry Christmas. Jenny

slommler said...

I just love the glow of Christmas lights on the tree at night. It is such a comforting sight!!

chasity said...

lovely glow....
a reflection of your glowing soul.

Meri said...

I'm not glowing, I'm glittering from all the tree decorating. Good thing I'm going to a party in a few minutes.... it's a good way to capitalize on the look.

beth said...

i'm so glad you're all glowy and everything....now hunker down as our snow storm keeps us tucked in for the weekend....

Anonymous said...

I think you may be giving us some hints? :)

alissa said...

makes me want to go lay down under the tree:)