! ! ! 2011 ! ! !

happy new year 2011!!!
okay, slacker!
{that's me!}

here it is almost 10:00 p.m.
on new years day,
and i am just now posting my "happy new year" post!!
but better late, than not at all.

best wishes for a prosperous and fulfilling new year!
i don't have to tell you
how much i have to look forward to this year.
{i've done enough of that lately.}

and since i've had so many novel-like posts lately
{including yesterday's look back on 2010},
i'll keep this one short and sweet...
as sweet as the sparkling grape juice
that i quenched my festive thirst with yesterday and today.
{i told you i'd be good this year... for baby.}

pregnant ladies drink sparking grape juice on new years day
one last thing...
the above photo was my first contribution to my gallery
for the picture winter workshop.
we were to shoot something
that reflected how we'd rest on this first day of the new year.
i chose to capture the sparking glass
of sparkling grape elixir
in front of the sparking christmas tree
that i kicked back with today.

tomorrow, i'll share my word for 2011!

i hope you enjoyed the festivities of new years eve
and new years day!!

can't wait to share this next year with you all!


Mae said...

hi there. saw your photo and blog link at Picture Winter -- love both! looking forward to seeing more of your work at Picture Winter and, it seems, Simple Soulful! happy new year!

georgia b. said...

oh, thank you, mae!
looking forward to seeing you in both workshops, too!! happy new year to you as well!

slommler said...

Love your photo...captures the feeling of celebration perfectly!!
Happy New Year and God bless

Claire said...

i love that i can imagine your home when i read your posts now.

grape exilir sounds delicious : )

i prayed for you today. i prayed for joy. joy to jump and run and play and laugh like never before.

i know He listens when I ask...


Diana said...

WOW, LOVE your blog! Beautiful images and sentiment. Met you on Picture Winter! Happy 2011.

georgia b. said...

thank you, sue ann.

claire, thank you for praying that. i needed some joy in my life today.

nice to meet you too, diana! thank you!

Lisa said...

Happy New Year! I am so looking forward to this year. May it be beautiful!