hot chocolate and a note

hot chocolate at the keyboard

i've so much to say and so much to write about lately... but little of what it takes to do either right now. so instead, i'll just share my picture winter photo {that i wrote about a couple posts back} again, but this time, i'll share what the note says, too. {b. is writing tonight's post.}

"hi mama bear,

have a good day.

stay warm and rest easy.

i love you.

bye bye

see you soon!


{our furnace was not working, and we were waiting for the repair-man to come fix it... so b. left me a note of encouragement to warm me throughout the day. it will warm me throughout my years of knowing him.}


Sandy K. said...

It's so important to recognize and cherish those moments. Enjoy that hot chocolate!

mrs mediocrity said...

sweet. he's a keeper....

Lisa said...

Oh, so sweet! I love when they leave little notes like that. It's the best feeling. <3

sMacThoughts said...

That's the sweetest thing. Thanks for sharing this!

kristin said...

what a sweet note and lovely look back. thank you for playing along at SS with me. i hope this brought a smile remembering this moment.