the latest news and my latest designs

first of all...

baby kicked

it was the most amazing feeling!
i actually think he or she kicked earlier in the week.
but i was never sure with those sensations.
{they say it could just be gas.}
but yesterday, it happened when my hand happened to be
right on top of where his or her little foot kicked.
so i felt it inside me {that same sensation as earlier in the week}, 
AND i felt it against my hand at the same time!

so i knew for sure, this time it was THE BABY!!!

it is every bit as exciting as i was told it would be!

well, i won't dwell too much on that.
but i did use the above self-portrait for my picture winter submission today.
{the photo is actually about a week old, but i used it anyway.}
the theme was "a different kind of story: your own personal story".
we were supposed to share something that told the story
of where we are at right now.
everything revolves around baby right now.
so i just had use this photo and share the news...
that's my personal story right now.

the other exciting thing that happened...
i received an invitation to a wedding in the mail today!

custom wedding invitation design i did

yes, this happens to lots of people a lot of the time.
but the reason this was a special instance is because
the invitation was my latest of six custom wedding invitations designs!
it's so cool to see the printed final product come in the mail!

i would have shared other designs i have done in the past on this blog,
but none of the other ones ever incorporated photography that i took.
{i usually put the others on my more design-related blog, jorjah-b.}
this was the first time i used a photo i took for my graphic design.
so i thought it appropriate to feature it here instead of my other blog.

since i am trying to really get my custom wedding invitation design business
up and running and set up before baby-b comes,
and this is also a part of my personal story right now,
i decided to also post the above diptych as my other submission
for picture winter... "a different kind of story: my own personal story".

and here are the files i sent to the printer to have the invitation printed...
so you can see a better view of what the whole thing looks like.

wedding invitations design {p1}

wedding invitation design {p2}

wedding invitation design {p3}

. . .

and speaking of designs, another thing i am trying to get up and running
is my design services for designing blog headers or banners.
i have done all of my own, and several for others.
but the two most recent ones i have done
are two of my favorite yet... and they are for two of my blogging friends.

blog header design for mama mutterings
heather's... i have known heather for quite a while, now.


blog banner design for s, d, & double e
stacey's... she is a newer bloggy friend, but instantly became a dear one.

{you should definitely check out both their blogs,
because they are both great photographers and sweet people.}

i'm in the process of designing one for someone i know personally,
and i just got a message on facebook from one of my high school friends
asking if i would design her blog banner, too!
this might just take off!... and i hope it does!
{at some point, i will make a separate page on this blog
that will advertise my blog banner design services.
but i have not gotten that far yet.}

well, that's it for the day.
i have MUCH catching up to do on picture winter viewing/commenting.
so i better get going... oh, yeah.
i better make dinner, too!



Melissa said...

What a special time you are celebrating right now :) I am so happy for you and excited that you are enjoying your pregnancy so! Loving your designs too! Stay well!

Stacey said...

1. I am so excited that you felt your sweet baby kick!! I'm sure that's what you felt when you were telling me about it earlier, but it's SO great when it's for sure and you have your hand on your belly to even feel it from the other side too! Oh....I miss that so much! Just wait until that baby gets bigger and you'll SEE him or her moving your whole belly! :-)
2. Wow! That wedding design is incredible!! SO cool that she used your photo!
3. I'm so happy you are showcasing your talent here on your blog. I mean, you do every day with your words and photos, but now this invitation and your blog designs? I really think it could take off for you!!
4. And aren't you sweet. You instantly became a dear friend to me too. :-)


Mae said...

oh the baby kicks! those are the best! congratulations and what fun! // love the design work you're doing. it takes such initiative to develop your own business but you certainly have the creative skills and artisitic eye to make it work! good luck! (and the wedding invite is gorgeous!)

Jenny Schouten Short said...

I celebrate your life and the one you're carrying! There is nothing more exciting than what you are doing right now.
Beautiful designs, too. xo

Lenoirrr said...

Lovely read, positive happenings, beautiful photos and work... Love the banners! they are so good and you're right to get creative with that, I am curious to where it will lead.

Give my love to baby-b and see you around!

georgia b. said...

thanks ladies!
you all make me blush. =)
and i really appreciate your cheers and support!

Heather said...

Lovely!! So glad you are sharing you design successes and opportunities! I've been away from my blog this week but I want to figure out how to add a "button" to direct people back to you if they are interested in design help. I can imagine that others would be interested in custom invitations . . . so excited for you!!

josey said...

An unforgettable gift! I can still close my eyes and remember everything about the first time i felt a kick. Living for a short time in China, I was queezy from the funky unfamiliar smells. In slight culture shock all i felt motivated to do on that day is sit on the couch and read a book. With the book resting on my growing belly, I was just reaching the bottom of the page when the book jumped and then again. What grace to give us these moments!
I rejoice with you! For life and little babies giving "pounds" to their mommma's from the inside:)

Jaime said...

Hello sweet Georgia...

It's been too long..but it is so nice to be here catching up with you. So many wonderful and exciting things are happening for you right now. You are having a baby!
Oh, I am so happy for you, my friend. I can only imagine what that must have felt like...a tiny foot kicking inside your belly. sigh. What an amazing thing.
Really amazing. I have always wondered what that would feel like.

Sending you so much love. xoxoxoxoxoxoox