just a few things...

winter bones
"i prefer winter... when you feel
the bone structure of the landscape—
the loneliness of it, the dead feeling of winter.
something waits beneath it. the whole story doesn't show."
{andrew wyeth}

i know i have already used this quote back when... but i found it even more appropriate for the above photo that i recently took. so here's the quote again. {i really like the quote!}

ethiopian coffee
still here waiting for spring and baby-arrival, trying to get through these long winter days {and see as much beauty in them as i can}... trying to stay warm with comfort food and drink, like this delicious ethiopian coffee i enjoyed on sunday afternoon at my sister's favorite ethiopian restaurant in chicago near her house. {the food is quite comforting and delicious, too!}

i just wanted to pop in to share a few things...

first {speaking of ethiopia}, you know how much i LOVE photography! so i wanted to share something that i thought was pretty darn cool. a friend who i have known since before high school from my old church {whose entire family were dear friends to my family} is married to a really gifted photographer. they are currently trying to adopt two children {a brother and sister} from ethiopia, and to help fund this adoption, they have set up an online web site and store on which they sell photography magnets of his work. they live in the town where i grew up, so many of the photos have a special meaning to me, as they are taken there. but also, many of the photos are of lovely city sights in chicago or various nature shots... two more subjects i like. i could explain much more about it, but i urge you to go to their web site {15000refrigerators.com} instead, and read up on it for yourself. if you check out the store, you'll see each magnet is only $2.99... well worth it for such cool photography! and each one is also available in other sizes as prints.

personally, i want all of the following magnets...

{the famous chicago theater sign}

{chicago bean being painted}

{there are other really fun, creative heart photos... great gifts for valentine's day!}

{do you recognize this place... from my red umbrella shots?}

{you know how much i love trees!}

{and the sea!}

{and birds!}

{all magnet photos above are copyrighted and are
the property of steve mckenzie / mckenzie media}

there are a bunch more, so do yourself a favor and go see them for yourself!

this project is sort of near and dear to my heart, as i longed for children for so long, and really wanted to adopt when i thought i would never be able to have my own. plus, steve's wife, kim, is such a dear friend. {and i am passionate about photography as an art form!} so won't you please visit, purchase and/or spread the word? it's a great cause!

okay... second, i wanted to share a sneak preview to a post i will be writing in the near future.
my sister's tea-cup chihuahua and her two-hour-old puppy
like i mentioned above, i saw my sister over the weekend. i had only expected to stay for the day on sunday, but i ended up staying overnight at her house into monday, and her little tea-cup chihuahua had her puppies in the middle of the night. sadly, only one of two puppies made it. but the experience was incredible, and i witnessed it all... so, so much to share about it. i will try to get to that soon.

21 weeks in the pregnancy {nine}
lastly, i wanted to provide a link to the latest post on my jorjah-b blog... i put up some pregnancy photos of me at my 21-week mark {including the above shot}. i would have posted them here, but i did not take the photos... my friend mary did. i like to put only my photography here {with the exception of things like the magnet thumbnail pics or sneak-peek shot of me above}, so i put them all on my other blog instead.

you know how i try to take self-portraits to show the progression of my growing tummy. but i wanted something that captured more than just my belly... i wanted to have the peace, joy and excitement that is growing along with my belly to be caught on camera, too. i'm so grateful to mary for having done it exactly how i hoped it could be done.

are you surprised how much i've grown? i kind of am! and to think... i'm only just over half-way through. will i be twice this big at week 40?

. . .

okay, i promise this is the last thing. i have been flooded with comments, e-mails and phone calls from people in the pregnancy profession or people who have been pregnant before... all telling me i have nothing to worry about with my current pregnancy previa. it has become apparent to me that it is much more common at this stage than i realized. {i think maybe my doc tends to word things a little on the cause-for-concern side.} that's not to say i'm at liberty to just go start training for a weight-lifting competition or move all the furniture we have to get ready for the nursery or anything like that {still not supposed to lift much}... but it's only a bigger concern if it is still a condition/issue toward the end of the pregnancy. so my mind is so much more at ease about it. isn't it wonderful how the blogging community {as well as your own personal network of friends} can be helpful that way... giving you insight into something you don't know much about? i think so! and i am so grateful to have that network/support. A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL WHO WERE A PART IN THAT!


DebraP said...

Hi Georgia - Since Picture Winter, I have been MIA, but pleased to catch up today. Just saw your post and thought I'd comment quick while my two little ones sleep. (only chance I get!) Love the beautiful portrait. The light radiates and compliments the image so well. Tells a lovely story of peace and joy, just as you described. (oh, and my guess is that you'll be more than twice this big at 40 weeks. And it will be fabulous!!) My Best - DebraP

Nordljus {Lonely Librarian} said...

Wonderful quote, and beautiful picture! I prefer winter as well, especially the bareness of the trees and also the feeling of "loneliness" - as when you go for a walk and there aren't tons of other people there as well :-).

I don't really drink a lot of coffee these days but your picture just made me go and make a cup to settle down and write a comment :-). Never had ethiopian food but it sounds great. And how wonderful that you were there when the puppies were born! My it is adorable! So sweet. (I also love the ring btw!).

Those fridge magnets are gorgeous! I must admit I'm a fridge magnet addict :-). Gorgeous self portrait as well and how good that writing the blog has been helpful to you in this way.

And finally, thank you for your lovely comments from last week! (I'm terribly behind and struggling to keep up with everything I'm afraid). I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing your beautiful pictures (even if I don't manage to comment as often as I would like). I really hope we'll stay in touch! :-)

All the best from grey Switzerland

The Curious Cat said...

Your blog has changed a lot since I last visited! Really love the layout. Congrats on your pregnancy too - will need to do some proper catching up and reading! xxx

Lisa said...

Oh! I am going to have to check out those magnets. What an amazing cause! That is really cool. And that puppy picture. Awwww, so cute! The teeny little puppy is so precious and I can't wait to hear your story. I love your latest maternity photos and you are certainly the cutest pregnant lady ever! You definitely have a glow, and look soooo happy. <3

georgia b. said...

thank you, ladies!

Stacey said...

Love the photos. Love the magnets!

And love love love your cute pregnant belly! :-)

Praying for you, friend!

georgia b. said...

love love love you, stace!

mrs mediocrity said...

Awww, look at you, gorgeous mama...such a beautiful picture...

~Hurricane B~ said...

That beautiful belly full of life suits you to a big lovable "T". That little pup also looks like he could fit in my palm and only take up half of it. So sweet.