happiness is...

two dozen eggs diptych

...when a friend whose parents-in-law raise chickens
meets you half-way between where you and she live
to give you two dozen free-range, all-natural eggs
because she knows you could use them.

...when another friend calls you and un-does unnecessary words from others
with sweet, encouraging, affirming words of her own...
words that build up instead of tear down...
without even knowing that just hours before, the unnecessary words were said.

...having people in your life who choose to share in your joy
during an exciting time for you...
knowing it will not be like that forever
and they only get one chance to enjoy it with you.

...finding a sweet little maternity dress at goodwill
for only three dollars... with sweet little white polka dots
on a lovely pink background.

...finding a brand new blanket for the baby room
at that same goodwill store
that is oh so soft and cuddly
and probably a fraction of what it originally cost.

...finding out your hubby does not have to work today
and can go to the city with you for your m.f.m consultation / dr. visit.

...watching the baby in your belly grow.

...feeling the baby kick.

...picturing the baby's face when he or she arrives.

...thinking about plans for valentine's day with the hubby,
cooking up something special and fun.

i went to bed last night and made up my mind about something. i am not going to let anyone squelch, steal, dampen or tread on my joy. i, like many others, have VERY difficult things in my life. but i also have SO MUCH to be thankful for and to celebrate. in fact, it is because of the difficult things, that i choose to be thankful for and celebrate the good... focus on the positive. there will always be at least one person in our lives who, though they could say the same, instead chooses to focus on their difficulties at the cost of mindfully or inadvertently choosing not to celebrate with you. where others build up and encourage, they might try to tear you down. they will resent that you are happy and that others are happy for you. they may not show that same happiness because of their own pain. if so, it must not dampen or snuff out your joy. you have to be intentional about focusing on those who would lay aside their issues for a time {knowing you have been there for them in good and bad times} and are able to be happy with you. i find that it is those who are able to be truly there for you in your struggles that are the same ones who will also share equally with you in your joys. and it is those people and my own joy that i will focus on when others would be hurtful. this blog is a place where i share my hurts and struggles and pain. but i also choose to show and celebrate my gratitude and blessings as well. and i will never apologize for being honest or transparent... especially when numerous people tell me they appreciate it. i choose photos and words to express things. and this is where i do it. it is the place i write about everyday real things... interactions with real people, private thoughts and happenings in my own home {obviously i don't share EVERYTHING... i use my own discernment and discretion}, joy, pain, the journey. like the subtitle of the blog says... "photographs, thoughts, surroundings, life". there will be people who don't like it... who resent it. but i cannot do anything about that. and i am not going to let someone quiet me from journaling and expressing it all.

and today, it is the little things {like eggs} and the bigger things {like thoughtful friends} that i am focusing on and thinking about.

off to another doc appointment in the city. so glad that, this time, it is not post-blizzard driving conditions. though very very cold today, the sun is shining and the roads are clear!

hoping you are all well and enjoying the things that bring you happiness today.


Jessie said...

Enjoy this time mama!

Lisa said...

I may not be pregnant, but I can definitely relate to the...issues with people...concept today. Sadly I am letting it bring me down. It's hard, isn't it? Lately I just feel wounded, with a situation with a friend. I'm feeling so very wounded and hurt that this person thinks the things they do, when I've been totally sincere & excited to have their friendship. Mostly I've been trying to hold it all in but for some reason today it is just bogging me down...and then I read this post. And I realize that you've put a positive spin on it, but I can still read the hurt in between the lines, and it just made everything surface for me. I've been trying to push it down, squelch my feelings, make things better...but the truth is that I'm insanely hurt by this person and it's frustrating. I want things to just be lovely and perfect...and then there's this whole situation that I'm in. It seems like things can't ever just be "good." There's always someone who resents it or gets some crazy idea or finds a way to consume my thoughts and keep me from just being...happy. I know it's all in my control but still...it's like come ON, can't we just be happy? Especially when I love and admire this person SO much. It's just...it's really lame. Ok anyway...I didn't mean to vent so much on your post! But I'm just so frustrated and feel like I really relate. Why can't everyone just put aside all the nonsense and just be HAPPY? Share in our joy?? Plehhh. :P

Anyway. I am soooo jealous of those eggs!! Fresh eggs sounds delightful! <3

Hi Kooky said...

Yes - take the good and leave the bad. Especially now - you need positive energy while your body is working so hard to support your baby!

Hope you have a great appt. :)

beth said...

the little things like eggs.....
my sister has chickens and there is nothing better than sticking your hand in the coop and finding a warm, freshly laid egg.
but yet, really, eggs aren't the little things at all. because your egg, getting all fertilized and growing into a sweet little baby is a BIG thing :)

do you have a st. vincent depauls {probably screwed up that spelling} by you along with the good will ? here in madison, st. vinney's seems to be the place with all the really good stuff.....


georgia b. said...

no, beth... no st. vinney's here. but we have a bunch of good will stores here. i used to drive past one all the time on my way to work a few years ago. i had always wanted to check it out... so i finally did! and i'm so glad. it was a really nice one... tons of maternity clothes from target {brand new, but really cheap... 'cause they were donated}.

and yes, you are right... eggs are a very big thing at this time. means lots of protein for baby. so having someone give in that way is huge!

margie said...

many many years ago, after the birth of my youngest, i walked away from a friend. a friend who had desperate issues of her own but in spite of that was able to project and object to everything in my life. it was a very hard thing to do but 21 years later i am steadfast in my decision. i had to look after me so that i would be able to look after my own family. be well, of the time i have spent here with you i see you stronger and happier always.

Stacey said...

Happiness is.....reading your blog! :-)

I think I told you once without going into details about someone, a long time friend, that I had to walk away from b/c she was doing what you talk of in this blog post. Blog away, share those feelings and photos, and I know I will be sharing in your JOY! I can't wait!

How did you appt go??

georgia b. said...

went well, stacey! i learned some very interesting things, and i can't wait to tell you about them... things that may change so much with me and this pregnancy. THANK YOU FOR ASKING!

{i'll e-mail you soon. gotta finish up a wedding program design first}.

Lenoirrr said...

This kind of shocks me, reading your words so obviously coming straight from your heart, to think that someone is hurting you because of your way of life, your chosen paths, even in your special happy moments which, let's not kid eachother, don't happen every day ;)

What you describe, about the eggs, the feeling that comes with it, I so recognize. Hold on to it, share what you want to share, it's your life, your blog and if someone is bothered, then just don't read it. Simple as that.


Anonymous said...

Some people have their own opinions of things that make no sense sometimes. Or choose not to understand that their words can hurt others.
I went through the same thing last year. People telling me I was to old to have a baby. And the baby would have problems. I don't feel old and baby C is perfectly fine.

Take what they say with a grain of salt. Some people don't realize what they say is hurtful. Many have not gone through having a baby. Many can't think of kind things to say no matter what the situation.

Those people will never know the kindness and joy a little person can give with all their little hearts. You know in your heart that you are a kind a loving person. And in 4 months so will your little one. :) Love you G!
Julie and baby c :)

JMC said...

Heay Georgia: You should be enjoying every minute! Your journaling is an inspiration and a story that I am sure your little one will treasure! Take Care - Joy