a little comic relief {through lots of photos and words to go with them} and a long over due installment of "my sister's place"

so... i thought after yesterday's heart-breaking post,
i could use a little comic relief around here,
and i figured if i could use it, so could you.

well, my sister read the post yesterday,
and first of all, she appreciated it and your words... so thanks.
but also in her comment, she shared something that made me chuckle.
and i had to quote her words,
as they go well with some of the rest of the whimsical photos i got that day.

she said...
"Georgia, such beautiful pictures. I am so glad you got these. And I'm sooooo glad you were there to share in the joy, and were there for me to share in the sadness when I called. Thank you for posting this sweet post. Bambi is doing great, by the way, for all those concerned. She and Blanco (the father responsible for all of this) are best of friends again. She's pretty much ignored him for the past month until two days ago... :) 
Thank you to everyone, too."
this is blanco...
blanco peeking_1
she owned blanco before she ever got bambi.
i've written about him before.
he is just about one of my favorite creatures on the planet.
whenever i go visit, he is my very best bud...
that is, until someone new comes to visit.
then i'm old hat, and he forgets all about me.
but when that person leaves, then it's all about me again.
like bambi, he never leaves my side while i'm there.

well, the day bambi had her pups,
we had to keep blanco away... she'd growl at him otherwise.
my sis lives in a very old vintage flat in the city.
it's the kind of place {like you would have seen in an old black and white movie}
that has at least two doors on every single room of the house.
this bathroom where the pup was born happens to have three doors.

poor little blanco was soooooo anxious to come in and see what was going on.
but we had him blocked out at all three entries.
still, he was determined to get in... or at least get a glimpse of what was happening.
blanco peeking_3
he cracks me up in this shot {above}...
it reminds me of the scene in signs where the alien is in the kitchen pantry.
blanco peeking_2
i swear, with a little more determination, he would have wedged on through that gate.
he was one determined dog... i see why, too.
he was the proud papa, after all!
blanco peeking_4
this one is my absolute favorite.
how could you not love that little determined {but disappointed} face?

well, as i said, this all took place in her main master bathroom.
{a very beautiful room itself... one of the prettiest bathrooms i've ever been in...
much nicer than where i'll be having my baby!}

just on the other side of this wall {below} is her bedroom.
that's one of the three doors.
then there is another door that leads out into the hallway {to the left of where i'm standing}.
and behind me {"me" being the person who took this photo},
there is a third door that leads to the den.
it's in the den that blanco and i spent the majority of the day.
as i stated in the last post, it was a long sleepless night,
so not only were my sister and myself very tired,
but so was sweet blanco.
since he was trying to get into the bathroom all night,
he had to sleep all day.
blanco in den_1
and right on my down coat is where you could find him the majority of the day...
looking just like this.
{picture me this way, too... because that is how you would have found me.}
blanco in den_2
unless, of course, we heard a whimper from the bathroom...
then both our ears perked up to see if we were needed by bambi.
blanco in den_3
and if someone came to the door or shut their car door outside,
we were fully alert!
blanco in den_5
in fact, it's at this point that blanco goes on security alert.
he puts on his guard dog hat and straightens that neck
to get ready for one feisty little bark.
and he means business!
blanco in den_6
you would not mess with this little guy, now would you?
blanco in den_7
in all honesty, though,
this is pretty much how you would have found him the entire day.
typical chihuahua... sleeping the day away in the warm sun.

while he slept {and hogged the couch},
i was either checking on bambi {next door}
or on my sister's computer at the desk in the den,
or sleeping myself {even on the bathroom floor, as i mentioned yesterday}.

at one point, i decided to take advantage of the beautiful sunlight streaming into the room
and get lots of photos of my sister's place... or of the den, anyway.
if you have read here for a while,
you know how much i love to photograph her vintage pad.
it's so beautiful... i'm quite envious of her living quarters!
you'll see why after just one room!

and it's not just the apartment itself that is great,
but the way she has it decorated, too.
{you saw the bathroom.}
here is more of the wonderfully warm and inviting den...

starting in front of the corner fireplace and working my way around the room...


i actually found this table for her at a second-hand store a couple years ago...
for dirt cheap!
she turned it into a work of art by painting the outer edge white.
i love it even more, now!

one thing i love about her place is the windows...
they ALL look like this {above},
covering every single outside wall of every single room.
can you see the reflection in the frame?
that's my brightly colored striped pajama bottoms...
you know, the ones i referred to in my last post,
that we just had to laugh at ourselves for being out in public in
during the wee hours of the morning.
okay, moving on, here is another little corner of the room.
i'm purposefully leaving out the wall above the chair here...
i'm saving that for last!
she found this mucho fab chair at a second-hand store in chicago...
i think she only paid $25!
incredible, no?
her entire house is filled with finds like this.
{another reason i'm uber jealous that she lives in the city...
the resale shops there have THE BEST stuff!}


okay, so this is the desk where i sat for a lot of the day.
on either side of this desk are matching doors...
both leading out to the hall/entry way.
i love this place!
here's her little art collage above the desk.
i'm somewhat honored or featured here...
as she has a vintage map of the state of georgia framed here.
she also has one of the state of virginia... which is my other sister's name.
they are there in honor of her two sisters.
i guess vintage maps are much more appealing than our mug shots.
working around the room, here we have another second-hand chair.
i love the touch of the boots next it.
so many little spots in her place look like they are right out of a magazine.
{in fact, i tell her all the time, she should write some publication
and have her home featured in a decorating magazine.
we'd have to do something with those cords, first, though.}

{by the way, i secretly want to be an interiors/set designer/photographer for a magazine...
with the proper training, of course.
i think that would be just about the coolest job in the world!}
okay, now we are on our last wall.
that's me in the mirror.
but who cares, right?
it's that vintage-esque model plane hanging from the ceiling fan pull chain
that is the highlight of the photo... and THEN me. {*wink again*}

okay, so now is when i will go back to that wall i was purposely hiding before.
{seen above through the mirror on the opposite wall}
archie lieberman print collage
though i want you to notice the plane again,
it's something much more wonderful that i am highlighting in the above collage.
looks like a painting on the wall, doesn't it?
but look close.
it's actually a photo!
printed on canvas, adhered to a piece of wood, and framed.
here is a close-up of the signature of the photographer who took the photo.
his name is archie lieberman.
{click on his name in red above to go to a web site of his work
which contains an opening video/slide show.
from there, you can enter the site to see galleries of his work.}
though you may not have heard of him,
he is actually a renowned chicago photographer
who was known all over the world.
{you really should go take a look at all of his galleries on the web site.
you won't be sorry you spent any time there!}
he took some pretty memorable and remarkable photos of john f. kennedy,
and frank lloyd wright with carl sandberg,
and a famous photo of a prisoner you may have seen.

but this particular photo {printed on this canvas}
is one of my favorites of his.
see the original photo paper print here.
i believe the shot was taken in israel... in a sand storm.
it is amazing, no?

you may be wondering why my sister has this.
well, her landlady is related to lieberman,
so this piece was hanging in her den when she moved in.
the landlady offered to take it out for my sister before she moved her things in,
and my sister pretty much said, "are you kidding me?"
she loved it {for obvious reasons}
and wanted it to stay.
i would have responded exactly the same.
though a little beat up,
it is so fabulous!
and how great does it look with all her things?
yes, this has to be one of her possessions that i am most envious of!

so there you have my latest "my sister's place" installment.
i have not done one in so long,
so i had a lot to catch up on.
i've still got so many other rooms to cover, too!
if she lived closer than an hour and fifteen minutes away,
i'd be done by now!

{one last thing for the day... i just wrapped up another graphic design project, and i've been working sort of feverishly on getting our place ready for baby-b. so i've been rather absent in visiting you all. but i so appreciate you all visiting here... and taking time to read and comment. i'm so enjoying being back to blogging again. and i realize that the time i have to do it is a luxury i won't have after baby gets here. so i'm enjoying it as much as i can for now! now that my design project is done, i hope i can get in some blog-hopping to go and visit all y'all.}

happy wednesday {over the hump day}!


Deb said...

Your sister's place is lovely! And I love all the photos of the dog. You really write so well and your images here are so nice!

georgia b. said...

why, thank you, deb.

Angela H. said...

wow! i need to clean my bathroom floor!

more great pics, george. blanco is the cutest!

slommler said...

The puppy pics are totally adorable! What an expressive face he has. Poor Papa!! Kept out in the cold!! Ha!! Glad he is back in her good graces again.
And your sister's place is fabulous. I love that camel photo!! It is gorgeous!!

georgia b. said...

hahaha... everyone does, ang. we just don't all see everyone else's with a zoomed in lens. i think you had enough else on your plate... it's quiet excusable.

oh, and si, blanco es el cutest!

Angela H. said...

thanks. and the wires....you could have photoshopped those out, no? ;) or at least made the green one white. that green wire has been driving me crazy for months. i have another neutral wire sitting on my desk to replace it, but just don't seem to ever get to it.

blanco is such a studly devil. don't let these pictures fool you, ya'll. he looks so sweet and innocent here, but...

georgia b. said...


yes, he is. and i think some of these photos even show that side of him!

i thought about photoshopping the cords. but if you knew how long it took me just to do what i did do to the photos, you would have skipped it, too. i did photoshop out the blue paint on one of the shots of the camel photo. but left it in on some of the others.

beth said...

the two of you have such great taste....

elizabeth said...

What an AMAZING photographer you are! I am so tickled to have you as my newest blog follower! It does make a wee bit embarrassed about my oh so feeble photography attempts!
Looking forward to getting to know you better!

georgia b. said...

thanks, beth!... and elizaBETH!

ditto, elizabeth.

beth... on my way to visiting you. i always start at the bottom of my blog roll, so you are always one of the last i get to.

Oliag said...

I love Blanco's cute little face...lots of expression there! and of course I love your sister's apartment:)

Stacey said...

Oh my goodness. How did I miss commenting on this post? Your sister's place is amazing! I adore everything about it.

And that photo!!! I've seen some of Archie Lieberman's work before and have loved it. How AMAZING that she has this photograph! Oh my. Love.