awkward and awesome thursday



i don't even remember, now, how i found it.
but there is a blog out there
whose author is very stylish and gifted with photography...
well, actually, her hubby takes most of the photos.
but she is very adorable and very well-liked.
and she has this fun little post for thursdays called "awkward and awesome".
and it's one of those things where you can join in.
so, i'm joining in today... for the first time.
the button below is her "awkward and awesome" link.

though many of the awkward and awesome things
that make her list are fashion-related,
they are not all so, and that is why i feel like i can write my own.
i might not do it every thursday,
but i'm gonna try it out at least this thursday.
if i find it to be fun, i'll keep doing it!

i know... you probably find it difficult to believe
that i could come up with anything awkward about myself, don't you?

{*crickets chirping*}

um, that was awkward.

. . .

okay... so now for my AWKWARD list...


i have almost single-handedly consumed an entire box of pixies {pictured above}. and this, in just a matter of a few days. i think this baby really likes chocolate... and if it doesn't now, it will!!!
{thanks to my mama for bringing us the chocolates... hand-delivering the late christmas present from my sweet aunt.}

just took the christmas tree down yesterday. yes, you heard me right. on february 16 of 2011, i finally took down the christmas tree! well, my mom helped. i would have done it alone, but when i do too much physical labor, i feel like the baby is going to be birthed at any moment... and while i know that is not true, i also feel exhausted very quickly. so i'm trying to take it easy. thus, mama helped me. and my exhaustion is not my excuse for having the tree up so long. my love for pretty white christmas lights and the mood they give is my excuse!

you know what they say about losing your memory while you are pregnant? it's so true! i was supposed to have a friend over for lunch yesterday, and when she texted me two days ago to ask if we were still on, i had completely forgotten. i was grateful for the reminder. then, when our plans did not work out for yesterday, we rescheduled for today. well, i woke up this morning and started to think... "hmmmmm, how should i allocate my time today?" i was gonna get to work on some things. as i was reaching down to put on my socks, i remembered... "yikes, j. is coming over for lunch!" i forgot not just once, BUT TWICE! needless to say, we did not end up having homemade egg salad like i promised, but rather store-bought stuffed baguettes {which were probably tastier than my egg salad... so it worked out!}.

speaking of reaching down to put on my socks, i am now at the point where putting on socks or shaving my legs is completely difficult to do! i have a big baby bump in the way! it's the weirdest thing!... not being able to do things you have done all or most of your life. it's actually rather frustrating and uncomfortable... but so worth it!

this very awkward video...

...actually, to be honest, it cracks me up every time i see it.
awkward, but HILARIOUS!

i wrote down a note on a piece of paper for the awkward portion of my "awkward and awesome" list... all it said was "good thing you finally understand." i can not for the life of me remember what it was supposed to be about! should have written a little more background info, i guess!

remember the heart-page photos i used for my day-before-valentine's-day post?... the ones where i took pages of my bible and made them into heart shapes? and remember how i said at the beginning of the year that b. is reading through the bible in a year again... which means he has to read a portion of it daily {which he does as soon as he gets home from work each day}? well, when b. came home from work and saw me photographing those shots, he looked at me and said with a grin, "i'm going to read mine for real... not just use it as a prop."
oooh, OUCH, mr. b.!

whenever i walk past a mirror, i must have forgotten i'm pregnant, or something... 'cause i'll look at my belly, and then i'll put both hands on it, and then i'll say in my little cooing, kid-like voice, "hi, baby!" while rubbing my tummy.... as if before that particular glance in the mirror, i had never seen that sight.

. . .

and now for the AWESOME list...

take the last bullet entry in my awkward list, and add it here. but add this to it: when this happened a couple of days ago, something incredible came over me. it was like i was hit upside the head with a freakishly mongo realization...
it was like i had not yet realized what is actually going on here. it's not just sweet or cute or exciting that i have a baby on the way {finally!}. it's AMAZING... OVERWHELMING... UNTHINKABLE... UNFATHOMABLE. i was blown over by this realization, and i began to cry right there in front of the mirror. only baby and me knew about it. {well, until i told the hubby. and then my mom. and then my friend julie at lunch today. and now all of you!}

i found out today that i don't have an antibody in my bloodstream that the doctors wanted to test me for when they found out my past history with sicca syndrome and sjogren's syndrome. and this is GREAT news, because if it were present {like it is in many women who suffer from these syndromes}, it could be potentially dangerous to the baby's health {specifically its heart}, and i would have had to have an ultrasound to monitor the baby's heart beat every week to two weeks. but now i know i won't have to! such an answer to prayer!!

i'm at that stage of my pregnancy where i'm starting to grow in all the wrong places... and i know it comes with the territory, so i'm not ungrateful. but it's still kind of weird and something i'm not used to. but i'm also at that stage where everyone who sees me can't help but notice i'm pregnant for sure... and most of them say "you look so great!" and somehow, i am letting myself believe them! and that makes me okay with all these physical changes.

i have found so many fun things to wear during this pregnancy... some hand-me-downs. some lends. some goodwill finds. and i'm enjoying dressing as a mama-to-be. i REALLY am! almost to the point where i don't want the baby to come out so soon. i want to enjoy this for a while!

these lyrics
i think of b. and me when i hear them. {there's also an audio player of the song to the right of the lyrics if you follow the link above. give it a listen!}

those chocolates! {pictured above}

. . .

not so awesome?...

• when baby kicks my bladder... ouch!

• the fact that our stereo broke tonight. {*whimper*}...
hoping it's just a fuse.
we shall see.

but i'm not here to list the un-awesome things.
so i'll just end that right here.

okay, that's it for this thursday.
many other awesome things i could write about.
but it's late,
and i'm tired,
and this post is already too long!

night night.


Anonymous said...

Miss G, I am so glad you remembered our lunch. I had a great time. Thank you for the baguettes. They and the bean salad were very yummy and really good with the soup. Loved the pixie. :)

Just wait until the little person is here and doing all the major and minor miles stones and you will yet again be overwhelmed with the awesomeness of your little person you have brought in to this world.

It is hard not to do everything for them and to see them try so hard and then do it all themselves. It makes you believe that God gave this little person to you for a higher purpose.
Trust me there are some bad days along with the good days. And thing get hard. But you get through them and learn from those things. They are a reflection of you and B. And they are forever needing you to guide them even when they say, (And they do) in a little toddler voice, "I do it myself mommy".
So Cry. It is ok. Love this little one with every ounce of love you have in your heart. Because there will be many more happy days then sad. And one little smile or giggle will forever make a sad day better. And the first time you hold baby b in your arms is like no other feeling you can ever imagine. You have waited a life time for this little one. Enjoy it. And photograph every little thing. There will be sleepless nights. But the first night the baby sleeps all the way through, You won't sleep because you will think something is wrong. But relax, babies have their own agenda. You will be a great mom. It just takes time to learn all the cries and squeaks they have.

Sorry for the babbling on. We had a wonderful time yesterday. Thank you. Lets do it again soon.
Love J and baby C.
Ps. Hope you enjoyed the cookies. :)

georgia b. said...

thanks, jules!

nice of you to say all this.

we DID enjoy the cookies! b. had one at midnight last night... his midnight snack. i wanted to take pics of them first, so it was a big sacrifice for me to let him have one. =)

thanks again, for everything!

Anonymous said...

Your welcome.


Hi Kooky said...

Aww. I love your awkward and awesome post! Yes. Babies. They do some wacky things to the mom's body. :) Don't worry though - you'll get your body back after awhile.

georgia b. said...

thanks, jen!
and thanks for leading me to that hilariously awkward video!

Stacey said...

LOVE this post, Georgia! I think you should make it a regular thing. Had so much fun reading it.

Um....my hubby gave me some Lindt Truffles for V-day, along with my kids. I have not only finished mine but maybe had a few (okay, more than a few) of my kid's. Whoops.

Love your honesty about how you feel about this baby. It's so genuine and you can feel the love you have for this child seep through the computer screen. I love that.

So happy to hear that you don't have that antibody. Praise God!

Thinking of you and praying for you!!

(And thank you for being patient with my thing that will be coming in the mail....it will be coming. Promise!! Just haven't found what I'm looking for yet!)

georgia b. said...

can't wait, stace!

but don't hurry on my account!
i still got four months!

thanks for your sweet words... as always.

Relyn said...

OH! Congratulations. How wonderful, wonderful!

Tracey said...

Oh my little rambling friend...
Read that comment about you just taking down the Christmas tree and then couldn't think straight the rest of the post. "Did she just say she JUST took down the Christmas tree?!"
Maybe we are not that similar after all...

JK. :) I would have been over at your house the week after taking it down. For me, it's all about removing the clutter and the pine needles. I'm so done with the season after Christmas that I just want to move on!

Totally PMS'ing...those chocolates are killing me.

georgia b. said...

yes, tracey. but don't say i didn't warn you! =)

i mentioned in a post a while back that i'm one of those people who leaves it up forever! but mine is fake... no needles to clean up. if it were real, it would not have stayed up nearly as long.

Alynne Leigh said...

im SO beyond believably excited for youuuu (:

Claire said...

you crack me.

thanks for the smiles.

cannot wait to meet you and little person when little person is outside of you and you are responsible for little person.

love you both much!