more reasons to smile

belly looking down


finding the above rug for baby b's room at 70% off.


getting lots of cleaning/organizing/nesting done around my house.
{God-given energy, i must say... because i have no idea where i am getting the strength.}


finding the necklace with a charm of a trumpet on it
{that was hanging on the framed photo of my dad} while i dust
and putting it around my neck to make me think of him every time i see it.


having a twin sister who calls me every so often...
giddy and excited about the baby shower she is planning for me...
trying to be so secretive about what she's got up her sleeve.
{i can't wait!}


listening to lonely river by susan ashton while i type this post.


listening to the cambridge singers on the hail, gladdening light recording
while i clean on this sunny day...
especially track no. 12... justorum animae.
{even MORE beautiful!! ESPECIALLY the end!}


cardinals chirping at me through the open windows while i clean.


getting notes from b. in the mornings
{that he leaves for me before i get up and before he goes to work}
that start out with "hi, squirts!"


belly looking down {two}


having b. just walk through the door {getting home from work}
and handing me the alison krauss cd i blogged about in my last post.
{he used part of his birthday gift card from best buy to buy it for me!... what a guy!}


having a dear friend who stops by every so often
to take photos of me and my belly throughout this pregnancy.
{here is one she took today to capture me at 30 weeks.}

me at 30 weeks
thanks, sweet mary!
and thanks for cheering me up!
{you should have seen me crying before she got here
because i tried on about ten things for the photo shoot
and felt like a pale, beached whale in every one...
i didn't want to be anywhere near a camera.
but she pulled me out of my funk and helped me smile again.
those darn HORMONES!}


giving you a...
nursery sneak peak {two}

nursery sneak peak
can't wait to show you more!
to come...

hope it all made you smile, too.


Hi Kooky said...

This post is full of so much excitement - can't wait to see more. :)

andrea said...

Oh, your baby belly is so cute! Love those photos.
And I love Lonely River by Susan Ashton. Haven't listened to that for awhile...I'll have to dig-out my CD. And the new Alison Krauss - one word - AMAZING! Especially My Love Will Follow You Where You Go.
Happy mid-week! :)

HLiza said...

Haven't checked in here for a while..my I'm so glad to see all these and they made me smile too! Yay for the coming cutie and yay for all the yummy stuffs in the baby room..and the cute tip of your foot..(it won't be long before you can't see anything at all down there hahaha!).

Stacey said...


You are glowing.

beth said...

but not having anything to wear and feeling like a beached whale is all part of the experience that i know you wouldn't change for anything, right ?

see, it's not that bad !!!

big hugs to you !!!

georgia b. said...

yep... you are correct, beth. wouldn't it trade it for even natalie portman's hollywood baby bump! and yes, ALL worth it.

like i said... just hormones getting the better of me. i honestly couldn't care less if i gain some weight. i just didn't feel like the camera would love me that day. but lucky for me... i have a wonderful photographer friend who can work with that. =)

michelle venee said...

have soooo missed seeing you in "Picture inspiration"... just stopped by your blog today to see how you were.... BEAUTIFUL story telling photography!!!! And equally beautiful words!!! Hoping you are well!!! :)

S. Etole said...

What enchanting colors to welcome your little one ...

Angela H. said...

getting sooooooooooooooo excited!

georgia b. said...

me, too, joe-cola!!!

mrs mediocrity said...

it did make me smile, all of it. and you look beautiful. truly.

Sandy K. said...

So cute...and your excitement is contagious:). I love your sequence of shots, and the colors for the little one's room are fabulous:) Do we know boy or girl? Or are we being surprised?:)

georgia b. said...

thanks, sandy. and, yes... we are being surprised!

Rochelle said...

yayyyy, can't wait to see you!!! :)

georgia b. said...

likewise, roe!