why i smile

hubby {two}

the boy above... i hope my baby looks just like him, has his smile, and grows up to be as loving and as kind and as giving as he is.

getting to use a friend's camera to take the above shot with... it was such nice camera, and i hope to own one just like it some day.

getting a free baby monitor from that same friend {he and his wife's two kids are old enough now, that they don't need it anymore}.

that same day, getting a free crib from a sweet college friend... it's a white jenny lind crib, and it looks beyond precious in the nursery.

also that day, getting a new {used} receiver for our stereo after ours "blew up" about a month or two ago... and meeting the nicest couple when we went to pick it up.

spending a 70° day with b. picking up the monitor, crib and receiver, meeting/seeing old friends and new... driving, laughing, dreaming, loving, expecting, reconnecting.

the long awaited new recording from one of my favorite singers of all time... anticipating playing it on my "new" stereo! {if b. let's us get it, that is.} see the beautiful video of the title track here.

sitting in the rocker/glider reading to baby-b or playing music for the little one... he or she can hear now, you know.

the sweetest hand-knit blanket you ever did see {for baby-b}... received in the mail today... sent by my sweet friend, jenny... knit with the colors of the nursery.

having a great obstetrician that i really respect and trust... and that is good to know, when you are putting your baby's life "in his hands".

knowing God provides... the things we need or the strength and grace we need to get through when we don't have the things we need.

...just a few things that bring joy to my days lately.


nacherluver said...

I feel the love!

Deb said...

Sending you thoughts of peace and love and hopes for a wonderful life when your child comes into this world. <3

Stacey said...

Oh I just love this post. You sound so wonderfully happy and content and loving up every minute preparing for this baby.


mrs mediocrity said...

all very good reasons to smile...

slommler said...

Sweet and loving day for sure!!
I can hear the song in your heart!

Steve Gravano said...

I don't want to rain on your beautiful day, buy always check
recalls on cribs and baby stuff. I'm sure your baby, born surrounded by all that love will always have a smile! Love and peace.

Lisa said...

I LOVE that picture of your hubby! It's such a good picture. Sometimes it's the little things in life that make all the difference! <3

Sandy K. said...

Once again I miss all the "good stuff" while I let work run my life. *Sigh* *Groan*. Great joice for a banner, but what a tough decision! They're all great images!

Your blessings are many, and you are stopping and appreciating each one - always smell the roses. (I really need to take my own advice!)

How did I miss the colors of the nursery?! Could you let me in on that important decision?

Also, I may have had your address at one time, but no more. I need to send you your thank you for participating in my own competition dilemma! I will be trying to get packages in the mail next week:) THANK YOU!

georgia b. said...

thanks, all.
i just e-mailed you, sandy. =)
steve, yes... always checking the safety of the things we get given to us for baby... you can never be too careful. thanks for the reminder.