we have a winner!

blog banner {winter 2010/2011}
so it's time to say goodbye to my most recent blog banner {above}
and hello to a new, fresh, springier banner/photo
that represents change and new birth!...
after all, baby-b will be here in two and a half months... at the most.

so, thanks to all of you who voted and helped me decide,
the winner of the spring 2011 blog banner choice
for this photography blog is #2!
...with a pretty overwhelming number of votes
compared to what #1 got.

as i commented on my own post {the one where i asked you to vote},
i was leaning toward #2 if i had to choose on my own.
but i wanted to see what the consensus was out there, too.
i think the comment that clinched it for me
was from tidbits and treasures, who said this...
"i like #2—i think because of the extra depth
the out-of-focus background flowers give the composition"
i agreed!
so, #2 it is!

i really like the yellow flower image, too.
but i like it by itself more than as a photo for my blog banner with text.
thanks to all who voted!

and to kamana's point/comment...
{"2 for me. but i like your current one better!"}...
thank you for saying that.
i really love the "current" {now previous} banner, too.
and it was difficult for me to change it...
for a couple reasons...
one, because it represented this pregnancy,
which i still have ten weeks to go on.
but also, because it was one of the most meaningful banners i have ever had.

but i still just felt the need for a change.
plus, my belly looks absolutely NOTHING like that eight-weeks pregnant self-portrait belly did.

anyway, thanks again, for all the comments and nice things said...
about both photos/banners.

and just so the yellow flower does not feel left out...
i thought i would reuse/repost it
in conjunction with spring colors week 2011
{which, as usual, i am late to the game on}.
i found out about it from merideth on shutter sisters.
she posted her green monday shot last tuesday
and prompted us to post a yellow tuesday shot that day.
i did not get around to it or any of the other colors until thursday,
but better late than never, right?

so, out of order, here are my spring color week shots...

yellow tuesday
yellow tuesday
{and this time, the yellow won, as it is my favorite of the five color photos for the week.}

green monday
green monday

pink wednesday
pink wednesday

lavendar thursday
lavender thursday

white friday
white friday

happy {white} friday!
happy spring colors week!


Meri said...

Actually, I was hoping that you'd do an "about to burst" banner for the last part of your gestation. It's a process to celebrate.

georgia b. said...

that's an idea, meri!

maybe i'll just do an "about to burst" post, instead.

Emily said...

Love these. So pretty. :) And pretty cool idea for the voting.

Anonymous said...

So if you do a about to burst. Than I hope you do a "here I am" banner, welcoming Little baby b to the world. Can't wait to see many little people photo's by you.

EnnythingGoes said...

those are very cool! very.

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Ohhh what a pitty I missed out on this one. But do love your new banner girl. Thought you would change it in one how your belly looks right now.....can't hardly wait untill baby=b is born....so curious.
Happy spring my friend.
Hugs Dagmar

Stacey said...

Love your new banner. That would have been my pick, too. :-)