memorial day or labor day?

american flag vintage

hoping you all have a blessed day
remembering the sacrifices made
by so many to defend and preserve freedom.

{it's rather warm here today... finally!
but warmth brings with it swollen hands and feet...
and heat waves that feel like heat exhaustion
to this mama who is less than three weeks from her due date...
even staying indoors away from the sun's beating rays.

remember when we were little and we all used to confuse
the two holidays that marked the beginning and end of summer...
memorial day and labor day?
well, maybe you never got them confused.
but i always did.
i could never remember which one was the last monday in may
and which one was the first monday in september.

well, ironically, today could be not just memorial day for me...
but labor day as well.
a different kind of labor day.
last night, i had a lot of contractions.
but they were feeling more like how labor contractions are described
than the way braxton hicks contractions are described...
like the ones i had last weekend.
even if today is not the day,
i KNOW i'm so very close.
i've been reading up on all the changes that will happen
to a mother's body as it gets ready for birth.
and they are all starting to occur.
i would not be one bit surprised if i go any day.
and yet i would not be surprised if it's still three weeks off.
and being my first pregnancy,
it's so difficult to know what's normal or typical
and what's the real deal or not.

either way, I'M READY!
sooooooo uncomfortable and miserable.
but so anticipatory and excited, too.
and given the history of my pregnancy...
even though i am in the clear to go through with a natural birth
instead of a c-section,
i'm still gun-shy about it all.
i'm prone to stay close to home where i can be cared for
by the doctors who have been following my pregnancy closely.

anyway, labor day or not,
i'm hoping to relax this memorial day
and do the couple last minute things
that absolutely need to be done before baby-b can come home.
i'm supposed to drive to the city to meet my sister's fiancé
and enjoy a barbeque with my family,
as well as take engagement photos of my sister on the beach.
but i'm seriously wondering if it's wise
to drive so far when i feel so close to labor.

though everything i'm feeling could be false labor signs,
i'd rather err on the side of caution
and remain close to home... just in case.

so, of course, i'm very torn as to what to do.
frustrated about the timing.

i guess only time will tell.

have a wonderful day, all.}


Anonymous said...

Getting exciting for you!!

Yes, stay close to home... absolutely.


Hi Kooky said...

Hang in there! My oldest's birthday is tomorrow, so I know how you feel. :)

beth said...

oh G....
i know how you must be feeling. although with my first, i was such a baby myself (23) and didn't have a clue about much at all.

i went to the hospital when my water broke, labored, had a baby, brought her home. i look back now thinking about how much i didn't know. how much i hadn't prepared for. maybe being somewhat in the dark about it all was a good thing as i had no worries.

hang in there. don't over think everything. love your nurses as they do EVERYTHING when you are laboring. remember that even with a vaginal birth there's still a good chance you'll end up with an episiotomy and stitches. it's not a big deal, as anything that might seem like a big deal now, disappears once that baby is in your arms.

you're gonna be such a good mama. i know you will be as i have seen your patience and that's the best thing a mama can have.

Oliag said...

Exciting times Georgia!

Jenny Schouten Short said...

I just feel your excitement and anticipation. The more miserable you get, rejoice! It is getting closer. Let everyone wait on you. Yooooooo deserve all the pampering you can get. Enjoy the time for there is nothing like it, being part of a miracle. xxoo Jenny

Ingrid said...

Good luck, Georgia - I'll be thinking of you!

Rochelle said...

Woohooooo!!! ::giggling like a schoolgirl::

Cannot WAIT to meet your little one! I'm so excited for you, sweet friend. Oh man, you are SO close!! YAYYYY!!!! Love you lots & sending you prayers dearie!! HUGS!