to baby-b, from grandma... with love

dear baby-b,

look what your sweet grandmother {my mama} made for you.
to baby-b... from grandma... with love {6}
she gave it to me last sunday
at the baby shower that my mom and sisters hosted for you.

it was...
grandma blanket_1

and it was...
to baby-b... from grandma... with love {2}

the first time i wrap you in it,
you will feel...
to baby-b... from grandma... with love {3}

for there is...
to baby-b... from grandma... with love {4}

i can't wait for you to...
to baby-b... from grandma... with love {5}

this was the eighth blanket you received since you have been in my belly.
your papa's mama had a friend knit one for you, too.
it's orange and soft and lovely
and matches your room so perfectly.

you also got another beautiful hand-knit baby blanket...
from a friend of mine who's friend knit it for her to give to you.

and i made you one, too...
but don't get your hopes up.
it's not knitted with care like these other three were.
it's just one of those fleece tie blankets.
but i made it with love.

besides those, you got four other blankets,
but the rest are store-bought.
i have a feeling you will never be cold.
and that's a good thing.
if you are anything like your mama,
you won't want to be chilly, but instead nice and warm.

but of all the blankets you've been given so far,
this has to be my very favorite... for so many reasons.
it's so precious to me, i almost don't want to use it.
but you know what?
i'm going to.

and that will make your grandma very happy, i'm sure.
i'll be sure to thank her for you,
as i know you can not yet form the words to do it yourself.
until you can, enjoy your soft, warm, lovingly able to wrap you up

love, your mama

{p.s. tomorrow or the next day, i will show you some more photos from the shower where you were given this blanket. but for now, here a couple of your grandma and me. we both love you more than words can say.}

my mama and me at my baby shower

my mama and me at my baby shower {three generations}


EnnythingGoes said...

wow! all i requested was some pics of the blanket! instead i get a beautiful blog about it. this is very, very nice. i'm glad the blanket turned out nice. i had some iffy moments where i almost tore it all out and started again. :)

andrea said...

What a nice blanket! I want one. :-)
I really love these two photos of you and your mom. So sweet. :-)

slommler said...

The blanket is beautiful...so soft looking!! Love the stitch too...gorgeous!!
Photos are amazing!!!!!!

beth said...


blankets for warmth. blankets for contentment. blankets for safety. blankets for lining a scratchy surface. blankets for photos.

but a handmade blanket by grandmas is a blanket for loving.

Angela H. said...

It's beautiful. What a precious gift. It's perfectly made, too. Can't wait to see pics of baby b wrapped up in it.

Meri said...

I still have the handcrocheted blankets made for each of my boys -- Brendan, now a dad himself, Blake who died in infancy, and Gavin, my still-in-college gorgeous guy. Gavin's was a gorgeous shade of peach. Brendan's was multicolor (white, pale green, lavender) and Blake's was shades of yellow with white. They were made with love by my husband's auntie, who lived with his family when he was small and who never had children of her own.

mrs mediocrity said...

just beautiful. the blanket, and you.

Claire said...

i still curl my nose into my blankets from childhood. they bring comfort as little else does.

i cried that sunday g. i wanted to be close to you.