the many faces {and squeaks} of my little man

isaac sad
earlier today, i took isaac out of his bouncer to hold him in my lap while sitting on the couch. i was trying to get him to calm down, because he had become upset for some reason... i think because he needed to fill his diaper, but was having a hard time getting it out. who knows? i only guess that by the looks on his face and the grunting noises he was making.

anyway, usually sitting him there propped up against my inclined thighs and facing me will quiet him... as well as help him do his business, as he is in a better position to do so. but for some reason today, it was not working, and thus, i was getting every face and mood from him except happy or content.

i hate to have fun at the expense of my son when he is not having any himself... but i could not help but grab my camera off of the coffee table and capture some of those faces. i was especially going for the face you see above... except, not a blurry shot. {i was taking the pictures with one hand, and isaac was moving around a lot, so this was the best i could to.}

i don't like when isaac is sad. but i LOVE when he makes his pouty face. it's too adorable for words. and it melts me every time. however, that face is usually the precursor to this...
isaac mad

anyway, i got several shots... some similar to others. but when i looked at them all on the screen, it reminded me of that popular cartoon mood chart... you've seen it, right?
so i made a little mood chart of my own out of isaac's sweet faces...
many faces
{which one are you today? i think i'm feeling a little "top/middle" or "bottom/right" at the moment.}

lest you think isaac is always in one of the less-than-happy moods you've seen in this post so far, see his chipper, bright countenance below.
mr. b and sir isaac
to be honest, he is not usually like what you see in any of the photos above. yes, he cries when he needs the typical things that babies need. and he smiles a lot when stimulated by our tickles, kisses, laughter and talking. but most of the time, he just looks content or curious, with no real strong emotion or countenance on his face.

so when we get him to look like he does above {in the shot with his dad}, oh, my!!!... my heart turns to a puddle. as was the case in the first photo of my post, i'm so bummed that this shot is a little blurry. but i still ADORE it! i think it is my favorite photo of him so far. it looks like he is laughing, but he is actually only smiling... right on the verge of laughing, though. i've heard some "almost giggles" and squeaks from him over the last week or so. but no real, unmistakable laughs yet. i just can't wait for that! how cool it will be when he finally does... and by doing so, officially fulfills the meaning of his name.

for now, we are enjoying his many animated moods and accompanying squeaks.

here are a couple more pics from that daddy and son play-time moment...
{this is that content look i was talking about.}

{and here is his curious face.}

well, that's it for today, i guess. i've got several posts started in my head... and plenty of photos to go with them. here is a preview of the forest preserve photo-walk i took and will be blogging about in the near future.
photo walk 8_9_11-4

until then, i hope this post finds you in a happy mood with a smile on your face. =)