simple pleasures

how do you make a gif

it's one of my favorite things of summer...
the way this tree in my front yard
dances with the breeze and the early evening sun
creating continually altered shadow and illumination,
via spacious windows,
onto the walls and furniture of my living space...
even onto my face if i'm sitting in just the right place.
it's the coziest place to be from late spring through mid fall.

i love it so much,
i like to make sure i'm right there
at just the right time
as many early evenings as possible...
to sit in silence,
to catch the glow and the dance
and to drink it in
as long as those leaves last.

we make a fine team,
the sun, this tree, my window and me.

{{after my bird mobile moving picture, i wanted to play some more with these... only this time, keep the camera steady and in the same place for each photo. while sitting on my couch and watching the shadows and light move all around my living room walls, i thought this would be the perfect subject to try it out on. next time, i'll capture the shadows, instead of the tree itself.

it's really wonderful to sit on the couch and watch the leaves blow around... each one catching the glow of the sun at one time or another. it's just so warm and inviting, pretty and peaceful... so simple, but so calming and fulfilling. i find it's the little things in life that make it lived. don't you?}}

{{i'm starting a new little series called "simple pleasures"... to start noticing and celebrating the simple things in my life that bring me joy. i like to think i notice and blog about them already... but now they'll be part of series. this was my first installment.}}


Hi Kooky said...

love it

spread your wings said...

i have a tree similar to that. i know just what you mean. indeed, it's the simple pleasures that bring me joy and make me smile - inside.

Andrea said...

Don't you just love the trees blowing in the breeze and playing with the light?! We live on a greenbelt and have just a mass of huge maple trees that make the most lovely sound in the wind. Love it. One of my favorite, calming sounds. Lovely to watch as well. :)

Oliag said...

The trees and shadows moving in the wind mesmerize me...it is the simple things indeed.

Jenny Schouten Short said...

I have a tree like that out my bedroom window. My husband will come in and ask me what I'm doing. Just looking....

Lish said...

I just stumbled upon your blog, your words are so nice and peaceful, your photos stunning. I especially love this one! So original, and so real...I would love to see you link this up on my page!