shine your light

the color version

her name is claire.
{many of you know of her.}
her name means light.
i met her last sunday.
in person.
let me tell you.
she is her name.

{{the above is a re-post of an old post from almost a year ago. i had thought i might re-post it at the end of september when i, once again, meet claire {originally from south africa, but visiting from her new home in ireland}. but i decided to post today, instead {but this time with a newer processed, color version of the photo}.

the reason for that is because of today's shutter sisters post called shine your light. kristin "gives us permission" to stand in our light... to not be shy about our photography or any other gifts, but to let them be seen. to be brave and confident about our talents or pursuit of them. i like that! sometimes i feel inadequate when it comes to photography and writing... especially when i compare mine to the work of others. but every once in a while, i do something i am proud of, and i like to shout it out... especially if i surprised myself with what i did.

anyway, this photo is one such case. {ironically, as stated above, the name of the person in this photo means "light".} it is my favorite photo of mine as far as an attempt to be artistic and creative with my photography goes. and it feels good to say i have a favorite photo of all time. it makes me feel like i achieved a level i didn't think i could, which gives me a little burst of pride or boost of confidence. i have yet to take another photo that turns out like this one or excites me the way this one did. maybe i never will... but i hope so.

and though i will see claire again this coming september, i don't expect "lightening to strike twice". but you never know. regardless, i'm sure i will take more photos of her.

speaking of comparing... she is among three bloggers i will be meeting and spending time with at the end of september. when she visits {which will be our second time meeting}, we will be joined by beth {which will make three times meeting her}. and, as i mentioned several posts back, i will get to meet stacey {for the first time}... another blogger i met online via the photography/blogging community. all three of these ladies are incredible photographers. and they all are gifted with their writing. if they were not all three such sweet and down-to-earth women, i might be very intimidated by them!

but i'm not... in fact, the way i see them all is that they each could teach me so much... and they do! but until i reach their level of craft, i like to think i can do a "knock it out of the park" thing or two myself every once in a while... and let it SHINE when i do!

thanks, kristin!}}

{{{p.s.... do go check out these ladies' lovely blogs! you will see what i'm talking about!}}}


beth said...

you my friend are filled with gifts...we all are.

unfortunately it's human nature to compare ourselves to others, no matter how hard we try not to....and that only leads to self doubt.

so let your light shine as it always has....
and now it's even brighter since you've become a mama. you do know that, right ?


georgia b. said...

yes, beeeth. i know that. but thank you for the reminder!!

isaac has lit up my life in more ways than i could have ever imagined! can't wait for him to meet you, and you him!

~Hurricane B~ said...

It is funny you compare yourself to Claire and reaching her level. When I look at the two of you in the same level. the way you can express yourself with pictures and words. I am even too afraid to post my photos online. I just stalk ...I mean follow.=) your blog, claires and other photographers, gather inspiration and never show anyone but my husband. i would say have a good time. But I know you guys will.

georgia b. said...

well, thank you, brigitte... although, i can't agree. but thank you for the compliment!

Stacey said...

I love this photo! Let it shine, girl! You have rays just bursting from you! :-)

I can't wait to meet you and Isaac!!

georgia b. said...

thanks, s!