forty on thirty

thirty days of forty
ackkkkkk!!! it's september 1st, and that means i have officially entered the very last month of my thirties. that's right... on september 30th, i will be turning FORTY years old!!!

does it seem like i am happy about it? if so, i've got you fooled! i am so dreading the big 4-0. but i honestly feel like if i just embrace it, rather than deny it, i'll feel a lot better about it. and one of the ways i plan to embrace it {besides celebrating as much as i can with friends and dragging the celebratory behavior out as long as i can} is to do a fun little project here on my blog centered around my soon-to-be "over the hill" status.

i'm not sure how or why i thought of it, but a few days ago, it occurred to me... "why don't i post a list every day of the month of september? a list containing forty items for various subjects... one subject per day." since my birthday is the last day of the month, i can make this an all-month-long thing.

if i was turning thirty {oh, how i wish i was turning 30}, it would be my golden birthday, and this project would be even more fun... and much easier, as i would not have to think of forty items per day, but rather only thirty. {having your birthday on the last day of the month makes for a fun golden birthday, because you can make a big month-long deal out of it. for my golden birthday, i sent a birthday card to my twin sister on each of the thirty days in the month of september.}

but alas, i am turning forty. so this little just-for-fun project will be called "thirty days of forty". i think maybe i thought of it as a result of the recent surge in list-making social network sites like listgeeks and listography. and long before i even heard of those sites, i had been an admirer of the list posts on one of my favorite photography blogs, hula seventy. {by the way, did you notice the author of that blog is now a shutter sister? YAY!}

anyway, i think some of my lists may even be the same as her lists... not the items in the list, rather the subject or theme. but i have thought of some lists of my own, too.

however, i have not yet come up with all thirty list ideas... that's where you come in! leave me a comment and let me know what you would like to see me list. for instance, my forty favorite movies of all time... or forty things i wish i knew when i was younger... or forty things that are also turning forty this year {i'm actually going to do that one today}.

let me know! i just may use your idea{s}. wait, i probably will use your idea{s}... i need your idea{s}.

so without further ado, here is my first list {not in any particular order}... 

forty things that are also turning forty this year

1. my twin sister
2. starbucks coffee
3. alison krauss {one of my favorite singers/performers ever!}
4. fedex
5. nate berkus {a designer whose work i admire}
6. the willy wonka candy company
7. the film, willy wonka and the chocolate factory
8. john lennon's imagine album
9. disney world
10. greenpeace
11. amtrak trains
12. evgeny kissin {my favorite pianist}
13. 21st century film corporation
14. the nasdaq index
15. the end of television cigarette ads
16. the film, the french connection
17. the partridge family sitcom
18. lance armstrong
19. internet chat rooms {crazy, hah? i didn't even know internet existed yet!}
20. soft contact lenses
21. behind blue eyes by the who
22. how can you mend a broken heart by the bee gees
23. if you could read my mind by gordon lightfoot
24. rainy days and mondays by the carpenters
25. stairway to heaven by led zeplin
26. we can work it out by stevie wonder
27. you've got a friend by james taylor
28. quisinart
29. microprocessors
30. the kenedy center in washington d.c.
31. sean astin {you know... from lord of the rings and rudy}
32. t.v. sitcom, all in the family
33. synthetic growth hormones
34. charles schwab corporation
35. the movie, fiddler on the roof
36. the movie, dirty harry
37. brian's song {the film}
38. singer and actress {one of my favorite}, charlotte gainsbourg
39. director, sophia copola
40. actor, jon hamm

wow!... it was difficult to come up with forty items for that list!!! i'm exhausted. i bet you are as surprised about some of those as i was. many from the list were already known to me {like all the peeps, because most of them are fave people of mine.... and the starbucks fact. i knew that one, because their logo on the mugs and cups all say "est. 1971" and whenever i see it, i say, "i was established in 1971." {*wink*} but several were new to me.

well, i hope you enjoyed. DON'T FORGET to leave me your ideas for some interesting list topics this month!


sMacThoughts said...

40 is nothing! You'll survive it and realize it's just a number. I never got upset about a birthday number..... yet.

Fascinating list! How about 40 random facts about you? :)

Anonymous said...

you are only as old as how you feel. numbers mean nothing, not really. i always get depressed when i think of how old i am (i turned 37 last monday), but i dont feel that old, so i dont let it get to me. enjoy the last month of your ... twenties, did you say?

nacherluver said...

Ha! Since I turn the big number a week after you, how about a list of fellow bloggers who turn 40 this year? Think there will be 30 of us? If you don't know of 30 off hand, what about searching? Perhaps it would introduce you (and us) to some scrumptious new blogs?

Other list ideas...

30 pluses to turning 40
30 minuses to turning 40
30 facts about 1971
30 of your favorite things

georgia b. said...

love it, nacherluver! great ideas.

georgia b. said...

oh, and i sort of already did 40 facts about 1971... in this post. all things that turn 40 this year, because they all came to be in 1971.

Shay said...

Just hit the big '40' yesterday. I started my blog on 8/1 and did 31pics in 31 days to start of my blog and my last 31 days until 40. It was great. A journey of newness, peace and looking inward.
Happy 'almost 40'!

mrs mediocrity said...

what a great idea. turning 40 really didn't bother me at, however, next year i will be 50, not feeling great about that. but, really, it is just a number.

how about your 40 favorite books of all time?

georgia b. said...

hehehe, kelly.
i'm so not a reader... i probably haven't even picked up 40 books in my life, let alone read them.

Wanda said...

Wow, there's a lot of thinking ahead for you! 30*40=1200 items!!

Hmmm...I was going to suggest books too, but with an extra twist of one specific to each year, but I guess that's out of the question. Regardless, good luck with your list making!

Stacey said...

Love this idea, Georgia!

Um....Let me see.

40 favorite songs/movies?
40 places you'd like to visit
40 of your favorite websites
40 things that inspire you
40 lessons you've learned
40 ways you are different from when you turned 30

That's all I can think of right now! :-)

georgia b. said...

great ideas, stace... i will probably use your "40 websites i love" idea!

S. Etole said...

how about 40 of your favorite scriptures?