forty reasons i love these guys

mr. b. and isaac napping 

they both love their naps

their incredibly beautiful and captivating blue eyes

they make me laugh quite often

they've both moved me to tears

they both LOVE music as much as i do

they watch old black and white mickey mouse cartoons with me on saturdays

they look like each other

cutest toes

their smiles light up a room

mr. b loves to call isaac silly names, and isaac loves to hear them

they make me want to be a better person

they give me purpose and a reason to get up each day

they appreciate my love and affection

they have love and affection for me

they think i'm the cat's pajamas

they make funny noises

they smile with their eyes

they listen to me sing... in fact, they like it

they enjoy hanging out together

sometimes they hang out together just to give me some alone time

they are both long and lean

they let me be the interior designer of their rooms

they don't expect me to be the best cook in the world

they hum when they're happy

people love them

they love my touch

they let me play my classical music... and isaac loves it!

their favorite show is leave it to beaver

they are inspired by color

they're sensitive

their quiet nature and calm disposition

they rarely complain or make a fuss

they let me nibble on their ears

they listen

they like to sleep in with me on saturdays

they have this father/son thing going... a wonderful, natural bond

they both remind me of my dad

their fuzzy heads of hair

their soft skin

last, but not least... they're mine!!!

{it's not too late to give me your ideas for lists to post over the next month... see last post for explanation if you haven't read it already. i thought this would be a good list for today's post, as tracey announced the word for the shutter sisters september one word project... "story". i like that this will be the word, because i plan to tell my story here through photos and lists this whole month. and my first submission to the one word project pool was the above photo.

also wanted to say... thank you to christy for posting my photo in her mosaic muse today. and thank you to e.l.k. for the link love in her post today. discovering those made my day!

see you all with a new list tomorrow! ~xo}


Andrea said...

I'm loving this series you are doing! Yesterday's was great - I didn't realize Alison Krauss was 40! I always wondered how old she is. She is one of my favs!
I'd love to see a list of your 40 favorite books. :)

Shay said...

Hey there~ first: LOVE your '40' posts. second: if you look at my recent blogpost, we are flooding here. i know you have a lot of praying blog friends, can you please spread the word that prayers are needed? alot of devastation here. THANKS!!!!!

georgia b. said...

absolutely, shay! i will definitely spread the word.