forty reasons i love my job!

my job_1 
{i'll drink to that!}
my job_2

this "i'm my mom's job!" onsie recently came in the mail, and when it did, i was so delighted. what a cute idea for a onsie for babies of stay-at-home moms.

i'm not gonna lie. i don't miss going to work {getting up early every day and figuring out what to wear and fighting traffic...} but i do miss the interaction of working with peers. and i miss being given things to do and having deadlines to meet... the challenge. i miss having conversations with adults.

still, i find that even though i need to work {and hopefully can find some freelance or temp work at some point}, this is what i'd like to do more than anything else on the planet... not necessarily because of the forty things in my list to follow, but because it means that i have one beautiful boy that is the reason for me being in this "career".

well, i won't bore you any longer... i'll just list the forty perks or bonuses that make my job less of a job and more of a dream job.
  1. i can set my own hours {although, isaac likes to think he can set them for me.}
  2. the pay is diddley, but the reward is unmatched
  3. i can wear my pajamas to work if i want
  4. i can create the environment i choose to work in
  5. i don't have to wear a sweater or turn a space heater on under my desk, because i can set the heat at whatever i want it at {with mr. b's approval, of course}
  6. no one will ever clip their finger nails in the next cubicle over in this work place
  7. no one will ever let their obnoxious cell phone ring in the next cubicle over at this work place
  8. the fridge in the "cafeteria" at this "office" does not have moldy science experiments growing inside it
  9. i know the people i share the bathroom with
  10. i can watch television from time to time
  11. it's okay to surf the net while i'm at work
  12. when i'm doing a good job, i'm told with giggles and smiles
  13. i'm sort of my own boss {except for the big boss who's away at a job of his own... and the even bigger boss up above}
  14. my client pays me with kisses and coos
  15. it's never dull
  16. it's always challenging
  17. there are so many more benefits than one might think
  18. i can use the company card to take my client out to lunch or coffee
  19. no boring business meetings
  20. if i miss a deadline, i can give myself a second chance
  21. no commute
  22. no office politics
  23. no office gossips
  24. the coffee does not taste like motor oil
  25. when there are bagels, i get the "creme of the crop" pick... in fact, i'm the one who picks out which ones go in the bag!
  26. nobody steals my work supplies
  27. i get to sleep on the job
  28. my job incorporates all other aspects of my life
  29. there isn't a "no personal telephone calls" policy
  30. no competition
  31. my office has six separate rooms... they're all mine {this is mostly good, except for the cleaning part}
  32. i can have as many office plants as i want
  33. i don't have to fix my hair for work
  34. i love my customer... beyond words
  35. i learn something new every day
  36. my bosses and i are all on the same page about how this "business" should run
  37. though i have to work holidays, the office parties are the most fun
  38. i can take as many pens as i want
  39. an occasional bath with some relaxing candles is perfectly acceptable during work hours
  40. i LOVE what i do!!!!
there you go... forty of many reasons i love my job! speaking of... i'm taking a vacation day today. two other bloggers and i will be taking the train to chicago to meet up with a fourth blogger {all three are phenomenal photographers, and i shall feel very intimidated in their midst}. i think we will walk around one of the trendy neighborhoods and pick up some coffee and lunch, do a little shopping, and take some pictures.

this will be isaac's second trip to the neighborhood in less than a week! {see last post.} i can't wait! beth and claire came to the house tonight for some pizza and chit-chat. they are now back at their hotel. so now, i best be off to bed {i actually wrote this the night before} so i can rest up for the big day tomorrow.

i hope to be back with some photos... or at least a few tales... very soon. {and i will wrap up my last few posts for thirty days of forty!} have a great monday, all!


SueAnn said...

Yes we have dream jobs for sure!
I too have it all and an added bonus,...no kids. My son is grown and has kids of his own. Ha!
They are teens now!
I have worked at home for over 20 years, I love it

tracey said...

#33. I've been a mom for 12 years and I have lived by this one for every day of it. :)
Hugs to you new mama.