happy conception-day, isaac

one year ago today

a little bit strange... i know. but i happen to know the exact day that isaac was conceived... and it was today, one year ago.

it was also one year ago today that i met claire in person for the first time... in fact, her visit had a lot to do with the fact that isaac was conceived. {read this post if you're curious why.}

anyway, how fitting that i should spend the day with her today? {and isaac, of course.} i could just kick myself for not getting a single photo of her holding him the entire day. i mean, she did hold him... i just didn't get a photo of it. how precious would that have been? {she did take several photos of him in the morning before we left for chicago. you should have seen her and beth clicking away... it looked like the paparazzi was there!}

some people are not of the belief that life begins at conception. but i am one who does believe it. so this would, of course, be a really special day to me. and it is even more special to me, because i never thought i would have a child at all. {again, read that post to see why.}

well, at least i did get some photos of isaac on this special day. i absolutely had to post one of them in celebration. and how perfect that the little guy should lay in my lap tonight and laugh his longest laugh yet {and only about the fifth or sixth time he laughed a real laugh} while looking up at me. it turned my heart to a puddle and rendered me useless. i'm smitten with the little man, and i will forever be grateful that God gave him to me and protected that little life as it grew inside me.

just a couple days ago, i reminded my husband how i laid in bed one night last october, suspicious that i might be pregnant, but still very doubtful. but that glimmer of hope caused me to pray right there where i was... "God, if there is a life growing inside me, please protect it and keep it going." i was to find out just days later that there, in fact, was a life there. i could cry now, just thinking of that tiny moment of time... that small whisper of a prayer "sent up".

. . .

anyhoo... i also got several photos of claire today... and not just her! beth and caroline, too. {see yesterday's post if you are wondering who or what i'm talking about.} there were also some surprise visitors today, as well... but you'll have to wait to see who until i post about this day {in the form of a list} tomorrow. it was a truly special day, and i hope the photos i post will show just how much.


tracey said...

I don't think it's silly to celebrate your conception day! The miracle of life should be celebrated. I have no idea when I conceived my son. My daughter....New Years Eve, at my parent's house. How crazy am I?!

Shay said...

"Rendered me useless"...you made me smile this morning! Trust me, that doesn't go away, especially with little boys. Mine can still do that as teenagers! I believe as well life begins at conception, that God created each and every child for a purpose, know matter how the conception occured. God Bless!

Oliag said...

Happy Conception Day!! :)

Your story is a wonderful story of love and miracles:)

georgia b. said...

thanks, you three.

Stacey said...

I loved this post. I love your story. I love that pic of his sweet little feet :-)

I think it's great that you know the date. I know Eli's, but not Evie's. I love that I know for at least one of them.

Can't wait to see your photos of your meet up with your friends!

beth said...

oh georgia...
all i can say is how lucky i am to have been able to hear isaac laugh...twice. really really laugh.....all while you were talking and laughing with him.

now that's enough to make a heart melt, too...i know it did mine :)


georgia b. said...

how cool it was to have you hear, beth!

i'm sooooo happy that you were able to meet isaac and get to spend some time with him. he REALLY did love you! i'm quite serious. i've seen him held by many people, and you were definitely one of his favorites!

georgia b. said...

thanks, stace!

isaac says hello!