forty things i saw today

picture to gif

smiles that formed across my son's face

the sun shining on my son's face

six friends {strangers to me} in a cafe celebrating the 50th birthday of one in the group

my friend in her downtown home interiors boutique

two episodes of leave it to beaver

two little old ladies tending to a community garden

the bluest sky

piles of neglected laundry

photos i took at a party last weekend

sweet text messages from my thoughtful friend, ese

her phone number as it lit up my phone when she called

a film based on true events

our lawn being cut by someone our landlords hired to mow every week

isaac's toys strewn about the house

a notebook/journal filled with the most inspirational quotes

a blurry glimpse of my husband's face as he kissed me and isaac goodbye before work

my mile-long to-do list

a stack of bills waiting for my attention

dark circles under my eyes

a nine-foot-tall rabbit in a business suit {just kidding!... just wanted to make sure you're paying attention}

a video of my sister's puppy with isaac

a virtually blind man making his way around town

dust collecting on my furniture

a cardinal in a tree

lots of thoughtful comments from my picture inspiration friends

coffee with cream and sugar in my favorite mug {briefly, before being consumed}

the words "i came that they may have life and have it abundantly." {john 10:10}

psalm 34

the way my son looks in and orange and white striped hat

a reminder to create

a couple of interesting articles online

several dirty diapers

a mailbox full of junk mail

a text message from mr. b. wishing isaac a happy twelve-week birthday

lots of passers-by on a stroll with isaac

myself in a jacket for the first time in months {*sigh*}

a cute line of greeting cards called kate and birdie

precious tears in the corner of my son's eyes

an e-mail from my friend, heather, with a list of days she has free for my birthday dinner... yay!

trees that are already beginning to change to colors of autumn

a soft, flickering glow of the setting sun through trees into my living room window