forty things i enjoy taking pictures of

up until just a little while ago, i didn't even know what my list would be today.

so i decided to look at my written notes on ideas for my thirty days of forty list posts. because it's late, i tried to pick a subject that would be quick and easy to do, and it so happens that the best one that would fit that description also goes perfectly with my picture inspiration assignment for the week.

we were to photograph legs... that's right. legs! our own legs, someone else's legs... even chair legs, if we wanted.

so... since it's just me and isaac home all day, i did just that. i photographed his legs and mine. the next two shots were what i submitted... as far as new photos go.

self-portrait {legs}

chubby legs

but when i went to submit those two photos to picture inspiration, i remembered some other "legs" photos i have taken in the past, and went in search of them so that i could submit them as well {even though you're really only supposed to submit new photos}.

here are the others i submitted {the old shots}.
music man

legs diptych

rain delay


and the winner is....

it got me thinking, "wow, i must really like to take photos of legs... more than i realized." and now you'll see why this theme goes well with the list subject i chose... "forty things i enjoy photographing". "legs" might not have even made it on the list, if this picture inspiration assignment had not made me realize i've taken several before, which made me realize i really like to!

anyway... here is the list. you already know what no. 1 will be.
  1. legs
  2. flowers
  3. people
  4. people laughing
  5. isaac
  6. mr. b.
  7. my friends
  8. myself {i enjoy and dislike this one at the same time... i'm not a fan of myself in photos, but i try to force myself to be creative with this subject of self portraits.}
  9. clouds
  10. trees
  11. trains
  12. power lines
  13. the sea
  14. windows
  15. small things {with a macro setting}
  16. birds
  17. vintage things {like old suitcases}
  18. streets
  19. fall colors
  20. paths
  21. interiors
  22. jewelry & clothing
  23. food
  24. eyes
  25. people jumping
  26. hands
  27. lights
  28. signs
  29. messages
  30. dishes
  31. roadsides
  32. insects
  33. sunsets
  34. the moon
  35. books
  36. records
  37. my husband's guitars
  38. mirrors and decorative glass
  39. little glass figurines
  40. chairs

there you have it. i'm pretty sure many of my photography friends also enjoy taking pictures of several things in this list. i don't claim originality here in my list. i just claim variety.

what are your favorite things to photograph?

if you like taking pictures as much as i do, chances are, you will have taken one {or more} today of at least one item i listed. if not yet, i'm sure you will soon. and when you do, i hope you have fun with it like i try to. until i can get back to some of those things, i'll be resting here with my feet up, enjoying the day!

self-portrait {legs}

see you soon with another list!


nacherluver said...

How interesting to discover! Yup. Looks like you love legs. And you do a great job capturing them. :)

I like photographing
my kids
the sky
...to name a few

Jamie said...

Shoes! I love taking pictures of peoples shoes and part of their legs. Weird, huh?

georgia b. said...

i knew that about you, jamie! i could tell from seeing your work over the months. and you are good at it!

nacherluver... love your list. textures was not on mine. i should seek that out more. thanks for reminding me!

Oliag said...

Finally getting a chance to catch up after losing power for 5 days and then cleaning up and then a holiday!

I am loving your lists! Every one of them... although the first made me feel quite old:) Forty years ago I was almost 20! Yikes!

georgia b. said...

thanks, gail!

i am glad you are enjoying them. it was a bigger undertaking than i thought it would be, so i am glad to know that people are enjoying all the work i am putting into them... and even if they were not, i am enjoying making them, and will be happy to have them down the road... the lists and the memories... and the photos, of course.


sharonheldman said...

i know a good list...things my mom told me. YIKES! or better yet, your dad's jokes.

georgia b. said...

mama, if if did the jokes list, i would definitely need your help remembering them.

hmmmmm... things my mom told me? i don't remember any of them. =)

Nordljus said...

Love your leg photos, especially the one with the red umbrella and shoes! Somehow, I haven't really come up with a shot for the legs theme yet. I'm feeling a little bit uninspired about photography at the moment, and only seem to take pictures of what I'm painting or drawing, documenting the processes. But maybe today's theme will bring inspiration back.

Love your lists, and your positive attitude. I'm sure I won't feel like this when it's my turn a few months from now. I'll have to come back and re-read your lists!

SueAnn said...

I love sunrises, shadows, reflections and old buildings! The gnarlier the better!!

georgia b. said...

thanks, nordljus! i know what you mean about being uninspired... i've been a little that way, too. that's why i had to find some old photos to use for this prompt. i was not happy with what i came up with currently {the last photo}.

sueann, i like gnarly old buildings, too! i'll send you a link to some photos that i think you would enjoy.

Miki's scrapbook said...

What a cool assignment! These pictures say so much!

Hope you're making cool plans for the weekend! ;)