if i crack it open, i just might find some quiet there... and i might even reach page two hundred and ninety-nine

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schubert {1}

so i saw a photo similar to the above shot that i took
while i was on pinterest the other day,
and i thought to myself,
"i really want to take a photo like that."
so i did.
i honestly like the one i saw better.
but i like mine, too.
they are different in their own way.
but very similar, as well.

anyway, it was the vintage book in the original photo
that had me searching my book shelves for one of my own.
sometimes i am tempted to buy vintage books
solely for how charming they look
and how they might transform
a table or shelf...
or even an entire room.

but if i did that, i would have more useless clutter than i need
or already have.
so when i buy vintage books,
i try to purchase ones that are actually about
something that truly interests me...
something i would read,
whether the pages were old and perfectly worn or not...
whether or not the cover was frayed
or skin oils from hands that held it had seeped in to give it that oily sheen.

this is one such book.
it's about the life of franz schubert... my favorite composer.
i bought it so long ago,
and except for a couple skim-throughs,
i've not yet read it.
schubert {5}

i'm so glad i sought it out and picked it up for this photo.
now, it's no longer out-of-sight, out-of-mind.
and now,
in my efforts to create a new level of quiet in my life.
i think i'll read this book
in place of any time i would have spent watching television.

being the music-lover that i am
and the kind of person that is more stimulated by film than i am by books,
i'm tempted to just listen to some schubert
or watch a documentary about him instead.
but neither of those are sans sound.
and because the one thing about reading that has always appealed to me
{even though i've never been a big reader}
is that it seems to provide a sense of quietness and focus and relaxation,
i am going to force myself to read about him, instead.

schubert {4}

at my college graduation ceremony,
the president of the college
{who was also the commencement speaker}
gave this admonition to the graduates...
"always be part-way through a good book."
i think he meant always be in the middle of reading something,
or in other words, be constantly reading books, one after another.
i have not done that.
but {sadly} i've fulfilled his suggestion in another way.
you see, i've started so many books,
only to never finish them.
{i'm just not a reader.}
so i am {pathetically} always in the middle of a good book.
and when i say "middle", i mean way towards the front.
and when i say "always"... well, you get what i'm driving at.
i don't finish what i start when it comes to books.

i recall that in the past,
i have made "read more" one of my resolutions.
but it never really took.
maybe now, though, it will happen...
as a byproduct of seeking quiet out.

wish me luck.
approximately 300 pages isn't too lofty a goal, right?

what about you?
got any books you're planning to read this year?


Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

I buy books with the intention of reading them but never take the time... maybe I just like the way the book looks? Lovely photos!

beth said...

always be part way through a good book IS DEVINE !!
I LOVE THAT SAYING.....and yes, i'm reading an amazing one right now.....actually, it's hardly ever that i don't have a book in my hands :)

Deborah L. Tisch said...

Very good advice from your graduation! This post reminds me that I want to get the library and find some good fiction to read. Love that first image!

Caroline said...

Oh my...that first photo. I gasped, it really did. I don't think anything is more beautiful. I wish I had the time to read a book right now. *sigh* Maybe when things quiet a bit. I know I could make time for it...I know I could...but maybe I just need the right book. Now that is easier said than done. Good luck on your reading my dear!

Caroline said...

fyi...I pinned your first photo...and it's repinning like crazy!!!

georgia b. said...

oh, wow, caroline! thank you! now, i really need to find that photo where i got the idea to take mine from... i saw it on pinterest, actually. i need to go find it and link to it in my post... give credit where credit is due.

but thank you so much for pinning mine... once again, i am honored. thank you!

Naomi said...

oh my, that first photo is stunning Georgia! Love it. I have such great intentions of reading. I have pinned a bajillion books that I really want to read. Getting to read them is just another story. :) I am trying to read Hotel at the Corner of Bitter and Sweet but it's proving difficult. Sick kid, baby that won't sleep...I'm SO exhausted I just can't stay awake to read it. Hopefully I'll find the time!

Tracey said...

My book list is too long! I love that first photo. I am doing an art project for a local art group I am involved in and I have to photograph a book! You've given me inspiration!

mrs mediocrity said...

love the photo! i have always been a voracious reader... i have the same problem with vintage books, i love the way they look and feel, but just don't have enough space to keep very many.

i still don't have a kindle or e-reader, it would solve the storage space but i would miss the real thing.

currently reading the elegance of the hedgehog, it is wonderful.

Laura Delegal - Leroy Photography said...

Love the pic. I don't have much time for reading and always run behind on checking my fav blogs. I enjoyed catching up for the past few posts on yours. I hope you have a wonderful year.

helen tilston said...

A great post

I am always in the middle of a good book. I challenge myself to read, sometimes it is but a dozen pages a day but still it is progress and surprisingly enough, it leads to 10-15 books a year.
I love your blog and am your new follower - looking forward to your visit and please bring the baby too.
Helen Tilston

georgia b. said...

thanks, helen! i'm off to visit right now.

Deanna said...

Oh Georgia, what a lovely post and an even lovelier image. The added texture enhances your image.

georgia b. said...

thank you, deanna!

Susan said...

Just amazing!!! I really like this.

Mona said...

This one really stopped me!!!
"sometimes i am tempted to buy vintage bookssolely for how charming they look" -> exactly :) So me! Such a beautiful message, beautiful image...

Kathy said...

Oh my...your little one's eyes are so clear, vibrant and beautiful!


Angie said...

Wow! Beautiful images of these splendid books! I am always tempted to buy vintage books! And I LOVE the presidents quote! Very wise. "Always be part-way through a good book". That is brilliant!

Wishing you luck on getting through your book! :)

Happy Tuesday!!

georgia b. said...

thanks, all!

Terrie said...

I read constantly so am always in the midst of a book (some better than others!) - I always figure it's better to read something...finished or not, slowly or not.....than nothing at all. So keep trying and reading; maybe you'll finish this one because it's about a topic dear to you.

Your TT photo is great - I love the DOF and that you made it bl/wh....your use of Annabelle (like me) worked perfectly since it's a book about a musician - very clever!

msdewberry said...

I am never without a book! I cannot sleep at night unless I read a bit, even if it is only one page. My sister bought me a Sony E-Reader for Christmas and I am in love with it! I do love the feel of a real book but this little gadget is light, easy to hold and fits nicely in my purse. I absolutely recommend them! Your photo is beautiful, I really love your texture treatment. Textures are new to me, but I am learning! Thank for following my blog and visiting, I look forward to seeing you here and there!

Gale Wall said...

Lovely. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

Kathleen said...

Hi Georgia! Wow, what a stunning TT photo! I love antique books too, and haunt used book sales in hopes of finding them. I've given up trying to read them, though, because the language seems so stilted.
I am so glad you came to visit my blog, because now I've found YOURS.... I love your outlook on life, and your images are so compelling. Your little Isaac is such a cutie, too. I know everyone says this, but enjoy every second of these years; before you know it, he'll be asking for the car keys.

Linda R. said...

I just LOVE that first photos. Great composition. I Love to read but fining the time is always a problem.. It is usually late and I read 1 page and I am asleep.. It takes a long time to read a book 1 page a day!! Hee Hee.... Such a lovely blog you have. I'll be back!

Hugs, Linda

Henrietta Hassinen said...

I love your picture and I buy old books sometimes just for they look:)
I read every evening before I fall a sleep, I can't sleep without reading.

Barbara said...

Your images are amazing! I absolutely love your texture work. Thanks for visiting and following me over at Surfside Serenity!


johanna said...

wonderful photo!! and of course i´m also drawn to old books... but often my plan is not to read them, but to alter them - so they have to be sturdy in their binding;)

Vickie ~ BGlad Papercrafts ~ WhimseyDimples Studio said...

Love your take on the book photo. Texture work is beautiful!

I'm with you too many books - not enough time . . .

Amy said...

Gorgeous photos! I really like the last one, the color version of the pages.

Thanks for following my blog... Again! ;) I am now following yours, too.

Lynne said...

A beautiful post and exquisite photo of the book pages and your hands. I'm so impressed! Lovely blog, too!

Cathy said...

your photo turned out lovely! i didn't see the other one, so yours is my favorite : ) your blog is lovely, and i can't wait to explore it...i've been stuck in the middle of a good book for about a month, but afraid to go on as i know something bad is about to happen...it's The Girl Who Played With Fire

Joyelle @ An Artful Endeavor said...

Thanks for visiting An Artful Endeavor, so nice to meet you!
Love this image, and the story behind it.

Connie Smiley said...

That first one is stunning! Can't imagine the one you saw was quite that good.

Sivinden said...


Nikki said...

Your images are stunning. Love the advice about always being part-way through a book. Best of luck with your reading.

I'm Veronica said...

I really love what you had to say in this post and the photos are beautiful.