makeshift monday

striped socks selfie diptych

after yesterday's change o' plans,
i decided to make this a chore-filled monday.
{it's what playpens were made for!}
but then i realized...

the laundry
and dishes
and piles of clutter
and sticky cheerio snacks stuck in the carpet
and stacks of paperwork
and messy countertops
and unread e-mails
will always be there...
certainly to return,
even if cleaned up or cleared away for a time.
but isaac... he will not always be
seven and a half months old.
he will not always be learning to walk
or just beginning to talk.
he will not always be my little peanut.
and those toys will not always be scattered across my floors.

so i put the chores away
and decided to get some playing done.

and by the time i shifted gears,
the sun came out from behind gray winter skies
and the hubby came home early
{half of a sick day}.

mondays can be quite lovely sometimes.
even when you least expect it.

{although, this might make for a very long tuesday.}


helen tilston said...

You are so right to abandon the domesticity and play with Isaac

Helen xx

Andrea said...

YES! Play with your little blue eyed boy now, while he is still little. :)

Mona's Picturesque said...

Beautiful posting - once again ;)
Have a very happy tuesday too!!!!

SueAnn said...

Playing is good for sure! Great images!

Kim Stevens said...

Good for you, and I'm sure you needed it just as much as he did!
And now it's Tuesday, hope it's a good one!

georgia b. said...

yes, kim... i did! so far, it's a great tuesday. even got some laundry done. =)