serene sunday

serene sunday

i had a change of plans for my day when mr. b. woke up with a sore throat. i let him sleep in and take all the rest he needed, which meant a little more work for me to handle the teething wee one. but it all worked out okay in the end. i really look forward to the weekends, because it is a chance for me to catch up on things that i can't get to during the week when the hub is working. he worked the past two weekends prior to this one. so imagine how forward i was looking to this weekend. *sigh* with under-the-weather and teething boys on my hands, i did not quite get to accomplish what i had hoped to. and beyond that, there were sights and sounds i encountered today that had me grasping for that silence i've been longing for and setting out to achieve {one little word}.

quiet is not always synonymous with serenity, but for me, today it was. i thought of this photo... another from that c.d. of winter bird photos i talked about a couple posts back. i'd still like to post the rest of them. but in keeping with the quiet theme, i chose only to post the one. i added this quote, because i thought it was fitting for the peaceful scene here, but also because it goes along very much with the theme of that same post i just referred to above {with the winter bird photos}... a theme that centered around embracing tension in our creative lives... and even our lives in general.

at first, i thought i'd publish one post per day {about the day before} for my week of mini-series posts that i'm doing. {i guess it's not really a series, other than the similar naming convention of the post titles... which i explained at the end of my last post.} but i decided to squeeze in my sunday post early and stay on that track, as come tuesday and wednesday, i'm going to want my posts for those days to be posted on those days. i think i'm beginning to not even make sense to myself, now. never mind. i think i'll just wrap this up before i turn it into the opposite of serene.

hoping you're sunday had some serenity somewhere in it. i'll be back tomorrow with "m{remains-to-be-seen} monday".


SueAnn said...

It is such a beautiful image and I totally see the "serene" in it! I hope your guys start feeling better soon. Teething totally takes precedent for sure.

Kelly said...

The tones on this photo are so dreamy.

beth said...

i had to laugh at the sore throat....but
don't tell mr. b.....since moms, when they get sore throats or colds or backaches or just about anything else, still stay home with the wee ones as we don't have a choice....

men are babies when they get sick....at least the ones i know are.....shhhh, don't tell mr. b !!


georgia b. said...

hahaha, beth. i won't tell him. actually, i should have explained a little better. he didn't complain at all... he never does when he is sick {almost annoyingly, because i want him to whine and seek a little attention, as i like to care for him when he is sick... even though he hates the fuss and attention}. if anything, i made him lay low, because i wanted him to get better and not pass anything to isaac or me. i can't afford to get sick with the little guy... although, i know it happens, and i'd survive.