scavenger hunt sunday + more about my job {finally}

i've always wanted to participate in ashley sisk's scavenger hunt sunday... have always intented to, but kept forgetting. well, today, i happened to see someone else's s.h.s. post on my dashboard when i logged in to blogger and was thus reminded of it. so i grabbed my camera and did just that... went on a scavenger hunt to see what i could see.

we were prompted to find and photograph five things... crossed, a glimpse, handwritten, bliss and grey.
{i know it's only saturday, but the sunday part comes in because that is when she encourages linking up on her blog. i'm hoping i remember to do that part tomorrow.}

without further ado, here are mine {except, i changed the order for a better visual flow}...

i found my little guy reaching for the knob on my dresser.
actually, it's not a knob, but rather a metal piece that masks the hole where the knob came off.
he loves to feel the various textures of things under his fingers.
i'd say that 95% of the time, i find him reaching out to discover what his surroundings are all about.
here is a glimpse...

i also found my grey pleated skirt hanging in front of the bedroom window.
i know you can't tell it's grey in a black-and-white photo, but i've got proof a little later in the post.
are you like me?... do you prefer spelling grey with an e instead of an a?
i use an a to spell it when it's something i don't like... such as a dreary day or a murky mood.
but when it's earl grey tea, or my favorite snugly grey sweater, or a soft grey winter mist, then i use e.
so this is my pretty, pleated grey-with-an-e skirt.
did you know pleats are supposed to be all the rage for fashion this year?
i say, when weren't they lovely enough to have that honor bestowed on them.
they are a timeless style, if you ask me.
this new trend is just a recycling of an age-old fashion.
but this skirt has been one of my favorites for years... even when not the necessarily the "in" thing.
too bad i can't wear it anymore... or at least not for a while {see my last post}.
that's the reason i have it out... it's going in the garage sale pile.
oh, i do go on!... here is the photo already!
i'll miss you, little grey skirt.

and i found this... just got this little handwritten note from a sweet friend today.
she always sends me the nicest notes written in her delightful handwriting.
so perfect for today's hunt!
i did not need to go very far at all.

look what else i found!
bliss... pure bliss.
i could look at him all day... need i say more?

last, but not least, i found crossed.
not very original, i know.
but, again, i didn't have to go far to find it.
and i loved the way mr. b's feet looked kicked up in his new pseudo man-cave
with the lovely afternoon light pouring in.

there you go.
a glimpse into my abode... a cross section of the rooms in which i roam...
the blissful scenes i daily enjoy... pictured in shades of black, white and grey...
written by my hand, from me to you.

click this little guy {below} to see a bunch of others' takes on this photo scavenger hunt...

and here is a five-in-one response...

scavenger hunt
i added the "handwriting" in photoshop. sunny days are pure bliss to me... especially when the light streams into my room. grey skirt. see?... i told you it was grey. pleated lines intersecting with the lines of the blinds... crossed {sort of}. all making up this small glimpse into my quiet space.

. . .

last, but not least, one more glimpse... or sneak peak, rather. i've been hard at work setting up my new office. here is just a sliver of the space.
office glimpse
{when time permits, i'll try to get more pictures of it... just for fun.
hey, i just noticed this... there is a magnifying glass in this office photo... in the desk caddy.
how appropriate for scavenger hunt sunday! that was just a coincidence, i swear.}

remember when i wrote about how we switched what was once the man cave with what was once the office? well, when i found out i would be working again, it was my goal to finish getting the office completely set up and organized. you see, my new job is temp work that i am lucky enough to do from home! {this particular project will be about a month long, but there will quite possibly be more work that comes of it.} so you can see why i would want my office to be completed... organized and comfortable.

working out of my house is so ideal for my situation as a stay-at-home mom... but i'm finding it very difficult to juggle both. i am really hoping that it is only during this initial stage that that is the case, though. once i have become familiar with the project, i think {or hope} it will go more smoothly, and the work load of my "real" job and continuing to be a mom will become easier to handle.

this is not a very creative project, but it is something along the lines of the production artist "hat" that i have been wearing on the job for the past twenty years {minus the past year and a half}, so it will keep me from getting rusty and it will pay the bills, and that is great news for us right now! it is definitely challenging, because it involves new territory of the publishing industry that i am not accustom to... the digital side, as opposed to the print side. but i love challenges, and i am excited to get to know a new side of the industry... not just a side, but the direction that publishing is inevitably shifting in. this is a great opportunity, and it will be really good for my resume of experience and skills.

but tough, none the less... especially while i get through the up-front learning curve {which is why i have not blogged in quite a while before yesterday... well, that, and trying to get this office finished}.

if you think of it, send up a prayer for me. like i said a few posts back, i have not worked for a year and a half. it is taking a bit of time to get those gears moving again. but at least i can work in my pajamas. *wink*

thanks for tagging along on my scavenger hunt and written-out thoughts about working again. i hope your weekend is shaping up very nicely.


Kim Stevens said...

So glad to see you participating in the scavenger hunt, it's one of my very favorite things of the week! Your glimpse is just so darn sweet....and love the black and white theme.

Life with Kaishon said...

Your son is just too sweet for words. LOVE his hand grasping the door pull! Also love your pretty skirt : )
Good luck with your new work! : ) I hope it is rewarding in every way.

Lesley Edmonds said...

Beautiful set of shots. Welcome to SCS. I think A Glimpse looks really good.

Susan said...

Welcome to SHS...you'll be hooked in no time. Agree pleats should always be in. Love that little reaching hand shot.

georgia b. said...

thanks, ladies!

kbreints said...

Your son is darling! Love that first one with his little hand :)

Deanna said...

Happy that you had time to participate this week on SHS...you have some terrific shots, especially of your little one. I hope all goes well with your new office space as well as your new "job".

Kelly said...

GREAT shots this week. And yes there will be some juggling involved but if you want something bad enough, you'll get it to work. Thinking of you!! good luck!

Shay said...

SOOOO good to see you again! Such beautiful shots you captured, LOVE the B&W. Did I say it was SOOO good to see you again??? Sending prayers your way.

Shay said...

SOOOO good to see you again! Such beautiful shots you captured, LOVE the B&W. Did I say it was SOOO good to see you again??? Sending prayers your way.

beth said...

since i know you, and how tenacious you are, i know you will do this job super well and that they will want you back for more !!!

and the scavenger hunt.....totally fun !

ps...i also know your office space is amazing as i know how you decorate....WAIT....that's what you need to be doing for a living....YES. you need to be an interior design stylist !!!!.....OMG....that is a job calling your name....do you hear it....georgia georgia......xoxo

georgia b. said...

hahaha, beth... just one of the many reasons i love you. you are so encouraging! yes... interior design stylist... that would be my dream job! until then, i'm going to build digital books. mundane, yes. but bill-paying, yes too. and while i pay the bills, i'll finesse my decorating skills {hopefully}. thanks for the votes of confidence from wisconsin!! <3

Kathy said...

I love your continuity and story that you told thru your hunt. And I can totally understand why your "bliss"...is your "bliss"! :)


Linda R said...

So many wonderful shots..

Cathy H. said...

Wonderful set of images!! I love his sweet little hand on the butterfly!! And, I really like the light and you POV on the skirt images!!

Ashley Sisk said...

So glad you joined in on the fun - this entire set is so inspiring.

Michelle said...

Great set. Love those little hands and gotta love a man that will wear striped socks. :)

Stephanie said...

I love your scavenger hunt shots. I'm a bit partial to "grey" rather than "gray" too. I also tend to use "theatre" rather than "theater."

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said...

Love the photos & CONGRATS on the job project. Loving your office- so pretty!

Amanda M. said...

Pretty processing!

Davi said...

Love those shots Georgia. Yup it was fun might just do it again ;) You little guy is a real sweetie. Hope all goes well with your new job!

Emily Hope said...

Great shots - 100th follower! If you send me your address I will send you a lovely prize! For realz. Thanks for helping a lady out.

Emily Hope said...

...and look I brought you up to 300 followers! That's also exciting :) Do I get a prize too? ;)

georgia b. said...

hahaha, emily. YES, you should get one! my prize is that you came to visit and follow my blog! thanks! =)

Mama Hancock said...

I loved all your SHS shots! I am a sucker for anything in B&W and of course, anything with babies!! You're little one is so adorable!! Thanks for stopping by my page!!

Naomi said...

Awesome job! Love these. I love the skirt shot in black and white!

BeautyDweeb said...

Your photos are so beautiful. COuld you maybe do a quick tutorial one day or maybe explain to me in detail how you get those colours and textures (like the last photo of this set)? I would be so happy! thank you!

georgia b. said...

thank you, b.d.! of course... i can do that. do you have photoshop? that's what i use.

Leah C said...

You always take the most amazing & beautiful photos!! And yes, that "bliss" of yours is adorable:)
Wishing you lots of success with your new work!

BeautyDweeb said...

Yes I have Photoshop! sorry for answering so late =)
I'm so fascinated by your pictures and their colours! I'd love to know in more precision how you make them (there are so many things you can do on photoshop! it's difficult to reproduce your style) =D

georgia b. said...

thank you, b.d.

i do so many different processes, it would take too long to explain all in one post.

why don't you e-mail me {see link at the bottom of my blog page}, and i can discuss certain processes based on particular photos that you like best... we'll start there.

i would just e-mail you back directly, but you don't have your settings set up so that i can reply via e-mail to your comments.... it just says "no-reply-comment" in the "to" field when i hit reply. you have to add your e-mail address to your profile in order for people to reply to your comments via e-mail. that's why i have had to respond to you here, instead. but to keep corresponding via this comment section of this post would be more cumbersome than if we just e-mail each other directly. so go ahead and e-mail me. thanks!

BeautyDweeb said...

Yes I understand of course. I actually was going to give you my email address but I must have forgotten. I clicked on your "email me" button/picture but I have to install microsoft outlook. I tried to bring my email address on it but it doesn't work. So I'll give it to you here (it's not my personal address so I'm not worried if anyone else sees it =) ): BeautyD@hotmail.fr
thank you so much!

georgia b. said...

thanks for trying, b.d.

can you do me a favor? can you try again, by right-clicking on the e-mail button... then choose "copy e-mail address" from the menu that pops up. if it does not say that exactly, it should say something similar. then, just paste that address {apple-v, on a mac; alt-v on a windows} into your hotmail "to" field. try that.

i'm curious to know if that will work, in case others have the same setup and can't use the link directly. i just want to test that out. thanks!

by the way, for ease of replying {or letting others reply to you} you should put your blog hotmail account address in your profile... you can add it by going into your "edit profile" page.