moving pictures monday {week 2} + my happy feet!

dear favorite warm-weather shoes,

meet my feet {again}.

i'm sorry to wake you from your hibernation so early.
but, you see, warm weather has arrived much sooner than usual this year.
we've had eighty degree weather for several days,
and it's going to be here for yet a couple more.
so you are going to have to wake up and get ready to walk.

by the way, it's so nice to see you all again!
many of you have not seen the light of day for almost two years,
as you didn't fit my pregnancy-swollen feet last spring and summer.



dear feet,

meet spring {again}.


{{welcome to the second link-up party for moving pictures monday! i'm sorry it took me so long to get this posted... for those of you who were waiting for it. i really need to prepare these on sunday nights so i can post first thing monday morning.

i also apologize for my less-then-exciting moving picture. i liked my idea, but i don't think i executed it well. i'm not a fan of the actual photos. {they are very inconsistent... some blurry, some not... and the processing does not show off the shoes very well. *sigh* i really should have taken more time with it.} done right, i think this would have turned out kind of cool. but you get the idea. and whether the photos are good or not, the message is the same... i'm so happy to loose my bound-up feet from winter socks and boots and let the sun and warm air kiss the skin of my feet again!

if you are new here or in case you missed it, you can see the tutorial for making animated gifs {moving pictures} here.

if you joined in on the moving pictures fun last week, THANK YOU!!! i enjoyed seeing all the contributions! i hope you will do so again! 

if you felt a little apprehensive to join the fun last week, i hope you'll brave it this week and participate! it's so much fun... really!... both to do your own, and to see what others do with it.

which brings me to my next point, if you participate, please also take some time to check out the other contributions! even if you don't participate, do check out the creative entries!

one more thing... a few of you wondered why my moving pictures seemed shaper and clearer than yours... in terms of resolution. so i thought i would share what resolution/image size i save my gif at. because the width of my blog posts is about 640 pixels wide, i make my images 640 pixels wide. also, i make the image size 180 dpi {or 180 pixels per inch}. try that out for yours if your image is not looking sharp enough for your liking.

i hope to see lots of fun moving pictures this week! happy moving!}}

to participate, grab the button below
{by copying and pasting the code that is in the box below the flying birds gif}
and add it to the html of your moving picture post
so that you can link back to the party here from your blog.

it's just how i see things

also... link up to your post here, by adding your link at the end of this post in inlinkz.

{{NOTE: after you submit your entry and inlinkz takes you to the page where you can grab an image from your post for the thumbnail link, it will let you choose your gif image {and crop it, if you want}, but it will not actually show up, because it does not recognize gifs, so inlinkz uses the little blue cartoon face for the link instead. i'd rather have an image that reflects my blog for my link, so i just choose my profile picture instead.}}

like last week, i'll leave the link-up open for a week... until next sunday night.


Connie Smiley said...

Hi Georgia, thanks for the party--so fun! My sandals came out yesterday for the first time. In March. Amazing!

lissa said...

I do like your idea, it's like a shoe clock of sorts. though none of my shoes are as pretty as yours.

I also did shoes. though sadly, I would have like using ballet slippers.

anyway, hope you have a great day.

Candace said...

I love your idea! Funny, because here in Phoenix yesterday it got to 50 for a high and it was raining and hailing. Brrr. And it's still cold today.

I posted a link but it's to one I did last summer. And instead of using several photos, it was all different variations of one photo.

Also, on Wordpress, unless you post the gif in its original size, it will not animate unless you click on it...which you have to do on this one of mine.

LIza said...

Oh my goodness...how funny!!! I love the green polka dots flats!

Cathy said...

this is a fun moving picture...and all such lovely shoes, but i have to agree that the green polka dots are my fave!

georgia b. said...

thank you so much for joining, connie, lissa, candace and cathy! i love every one! the best part of doing this link-up is seeing what others come up with... things i would have never thought to do myself... very inspiring! thanks for making this party fun!! please keep 'em coming! although, i don't know how you could top what you've done this week! you've got me on my toes trying to come up with something creative for next week to measure up to your creativity!

Lisa said...

Cool! I love it, it's so fun & springlike! And thanks for the link to the tutorial, I've been wondering how to do this! :D

georgia b. said...

you're welcome, lisa! i hope you will try it. i love it, because when i feel uninspired with my photos, i do one of these to get my juices flowing again. if you make one, please share it here! i really would love to see what you do.