there's a reason i love this color so.


there's no one in my little clan of three that is irish. but you'll still find plenty of green around here inside these walls... all year long. that makes it easy to find something to photograph for a {day late} st. patrick's day post.

orange comes and goes as one of my favorite colors... sometimes it's in first place, other times in second. but green will always be my old faithful favorite color that i can fall back on when orange or any other hue wears off.

it's said that "green is the pervasive color in the natural world, making it an ideal backdrop in interior design because we are so used to seeing it everywhere." that must be why i live where i do and decorate the way i do. our home has green carpet, green kitchen and bathroom linoleum, green curtains, green tile, and many green accessories... furniture, lamps, throw pillows, artwork, dishes, boxes, candles...i could go on and on! i think another reason it is one of my favorite colors is because it goes well with so many other colors!

i started out just getting some shots of isaac eating his green puffed cereal snacks. but i found so many other things to photograph, i couldn't stop there. well, rather than write silly sentences about green, i'll just show how much we love it. here is my day-after-st.-patrick's-day visual ode to the color green. {WARNING... you might be sick of the color green by the end of this post! but i sure hope not.}


as if we didn't have enough presence of green around here pre-isaac... now objects in this hue have nearly doubled since he came to live with us. isn't it funny how kids automatically assume the same favorite color as their mom? *wink* i'm pretty sure that isaac had no choice in the matter... and won't for as long as i'm interior designer around these parts. so, until he is of age to decorate himself, i think i'll pick his favorite color for him. {of course, the carpet in his room is green, so i really had no choice but to roll with it.}

green is a wonderfully gender-neutral color, so it works well with all sorts of baby items. and it's naturally included in many of the books and toys that are out there. so there is pretty much no getting away from the color when you have a little squirt. and i have to say... i don't really mind. the little bronze horse above is my latest antique store find for isaac... something for him to play with when he is a bit older. for right now, it will just adorn a shelf up high.

more baby green from baby's world...


if you can guess what is in the next two photos, i'll be very impressed! the first is probably a bit more obvious than the second. although, you might have to have a little one around to recognize it.


well, that's it for a slice of isaac's collection of green things. of course, when you are his age, everything is a toy... even things that shouldn't be... like green glass vases that mama is trying to get pictures of, but can't very well, because her baby boy keeps coming after the props on set! *wink*


that's when you shift your attention to things higher up... like lamps or plants up on shelves.


i recently purchased this little lamp from target for my office. but when we switched the office and pseudo man-cave around, the lamp stayed where it was. so now, it's in mr. b's loungy hang-out space. also shown is one of my favorite plants... and you'll never guess why! okay, i'll tell you why. it's because it's fake and, therefore, i can't kill it! everyone who sees it comments about how real it looks. those are the very best kind of plants for people who don't have green thumbs. {huh!... funny... green is my favorite color, but it hasn't rubbed off on my thumb yet.}


so, not only is green a favorite color, but it's also a favorite tea... especially this particular brand and flavor. i'm not even sure if they still make it. but if they do, you so have to try it. it's divine with honey and a spot of milk. i wrote about it once long ago here. with my tea, is an old honey jar that i keep vintage buttons in. they are not all green. but if i could have a collection of only green vintage buttons, you can be sure i would! have you any? send them my way! {i kid.}


well, i have to say... i had a difficult time finding some green things that belong solely to mr. b. he's not quite the freak about green that i am. but i did manage to find five books amongst his collection that were green. so they were added to my collage of other household items. this time, the plant is real! it's bamboo... sooooo easy to keep alive. that's why i chose it. among our shared books is a favorite that we found at a used book store back when we were dating. we used to dream about traveling to ireland some day, so we bought the book in hopes that it would give us a goal to reach for. the photography in it is incredibly beautiful... just as are the landscapes in that country. some day... until then, we'll live through the photos in the book. last in the collage... my favorite tea towels. {i love birds and circles as decor motifs just about as much as i love greeeeeeeeeen!}

well, i'm just about done {although, there is soooo much more green in and around my home that i could have included}. last on the "tour de green", i'll take you through my bathroom. it's basically a space filled with green and white... a very relaxing spa-like space {that most guests declare as their favorite room when visiting}.


it's not my favorite room, but it does have something in it that is one of my favorite things in my home. one day, shortly after we moved in, i decided that i would like to have all mismatched door and drawer knobs on my vintage bathroom cabinets. so i went to anthropologie and snatched up all the green vintage-esque knobs that i could find. {in retrospect, i wish i had gone to hobby lobby, because they have all the same lovely knobs, but for about half to a third of the price}. 

i removed the set of matching knobs from the cabinets and replaced them with my new collection. 


and my obsession with non-matching, green, vintage knobs didn't end there...


i kept on buying more when i would see other lovelies, even though i had no more cabinets to put them on! but i found they look just as pretty in a bowl or basket or jar as simple bathroom decor, so i continue to buy when i see something that fits the bill. got any you want to send me?? {again... I KID!... sort of. *wink*}

okay... there you have it. my ode is officially done. but don't think i'll wait until next march to write about and photograph green again. i love the color way too much to limit myself to a once-a-year celebration of green!

i hope you had a fabulous st. patrick's day!... even if you are not irish. like i said, we aren't, and we didn't even do anything to celebrate... not even festive cuisine. {if you knew how my first corned beef and cabbage for st. patrick's day in our first year of marriage turned out, you'd understand why i would never attempt to cook again for as long as i live... or why the hubby won't let me!}

but we did not need green beer or cabbage to enjoy the most incredible 80 degree day {today, too!}. we just needed each other and the windows open and a lovely breeze... and that, we had.

*sigh*... why do days like these ever have to end. 

well, before i spend another minute indoors and waste the daylight and opportunity for some playtime out among nature's green decor, i best wrap this up.

enjoy your day! i'll be back tomorrow for the second moving pictures monday!!!


Holly said...

These are really really beautiful pics, I LOVE that first one!

mommatojoa said...

Gorgeous pics.
From the little bits and pieces I have seen, your house looks so bright and inviting!

georgia b. said...

thank you, m.t.j.!

it's funny, 'cause my home is actually very dim from a lighting standpoint... several of the windows are smaller, because it is an older home, so i often struggle to get good natural light for photos. it's why i bought a 50mm/1.4 lens... so i could still take pics and work with the low light. so that helps to brighten my photos. also, the processing i use brightens them up, too. but as far as decor goes, i really do try to make things bright and cheerful... it's why i love green! it does exactly that, without hardly even trying!

thank you, holly! i think the first is my favorite, too... just because my little man is in it.

LIza said...

Me too! It's very soothing....that and I went to an predominately irish catholic parochial school whose mascot was a shamrock and colors are green and white.

georgia b. said...

haha... that's funny, liza. hey, no matter why we like it, all that is important is that we like it! you must have had a good experience for your school years to still have a fondness for your school colors. =)

stacey said...

Green is also my favorite color. :)

Love how you captured it here. And I adore seeing little bits of your home.

Katie (Mama May I) said...

Your photography and snippets around your home are just gorgeous and so serene. The knobs are awesome. Green is a wonderful color - and you make it look so beautiful here.

ps. orange is and has been my very favorite color for many moons. ;)

Andrea said...

I love your collection of drawer knobs. Green is Max's favorite color and I have to say, it's growing on me. I like all of your soft, muted tones of green.

Kia and Zeno said...

Lovely series of Greens, so cozy and pretty! :)