little laundry girl

how cute is this little darling? she's my niece... isaac's only cousin from his dad's side of the family. the three of us paid a visit to the three of them {my niece and her mom and dad} last saturday. it was so much fun, and it was a trip i was very happy to make, especially for isaac's sake, as he rarely gets to see his sweet cousin who is just eight months older than he is.

a short while before her little "laundry-sorting" stunt, her mom had been telling me how much she enjoys taking clothes out of the dryer and putting them back in and repeating... doing so, meticulously {one item at a time} and repeatedly each time she finds a dryer-full. i found that to be adorable and thought to myself how sweet it must be to witness it. to my delight just minutes later, sure enough... little lu-lu {which is what i call her} found her way down the hallway and sat with the laundry-closet door and dryer door open, and all the clothes pulled out onto the carpet.

sitting among the clothes, i assume she was carefully examining each article to see if it was clean and dry. *wink*. so adorable it was!... and of course, i had to grab my camera to sneak up on her and capture it all.

here are some non-moving views of her playful mischief! {actually, it doesn't seem mischievous at all, when i think about it... rather, it seems like she is going to be one great helper... and possibly a clothing designer when she grows up??}


how cute are those curls?... and the big round eyes?!! i don't know which one makes me melt more. and then there are those ever-so-kissable baby cheeks that i just wanna pinch {gently, of course}!

she contemplates her about-to-be actions...
and she's off!

it's almost as if she was looking for something in particular... she was very determined.


as you can see, she did catch me catching her... after she first pulled the clothes out. but most of the time, she was not even aware of my shutter-happy presence. i kept back a bit so that she would not know i was there to record her every move. crouching down, i brought my camera low to the floor and snapped away. when i started clicking, i didn't have a moving picture in mind. but i thought the shots i got turned out to be perfect for one.

so, although the theme is for this week is shadows, i realized i could still use this animation... if i approach it from an "out-of-the-box" sort of angle. after all... i was taking the pictures from the shadows of the dim end of the hallway where she would not notice my presence. {i did have something fun and much more shadow-related planned for today's animation. but i simply could not get to setting it up and creating it during my very busy week. that's okay, though... the same "rule" that goes for everyone else should also apply to me too... the "rule" that says the theme each week is not a must to follow... it's just a suggestion.}

okay... so that's my late-but-better-than-never moving picture for this monday. for those of you who might have been waiting to participate, i apologize that it took me so long to post the link-up. i actually thought i might not get to it today. but i pulled it off at the last minute. and as always, it's open for a week... so there will be plenty of time to submit if you were planning to.

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i was thinking i'll take a short break from these link-ups and skip next week. so, the moving picture theme for two weeks from today is shape. very vague... but that's the way i like to keep it! i'll see you with my next moving picture link-up in a couple weeks... and hopefully even sooner with your submission to this one!

have a great week!


Cathy said...

this is just too precious! she is beautiful with her curly locks and having a blast with the laundry. love the lighting and color too! how fun it must have been to capture that moment : )

Leanne said...

THis is just gorgeous!! I will join in one day, in the mean time I'll just admire your beautiful moving pictures!

georgia b. said...

that is very sweet, leanne. thank you.

thanks, cathy... it truly was fun... both to watch, and to photograph. =)

Liza said...

she is darling.

SueAnn Lommler said...

Oh I love laundry girl! Definitely a designer...at least we know she is a Diva!!! For sure!!!

ZeldaMom said...

That is so cute, I can hardly stand it. I just wish I would have done this when my kids were little...I guess I'll have to wait for grandkids.
What a wonderful present this would be.

georgia b. said...

thanks, liza, sueann and z.m.

GailO said...

She is so adorable!

Geri Centonze said...

I love this and feel like I'm there enjoying these precious moments!

lissa said...

the laundry girl is so sweet. love her curls.

I didn't do any moving pictures lately nor take any photos due to my allergy/cold which don't seen to be going away any time soon. and also because I'm lazy...

but you seen very productive. I like the idea of going to old blog posts and reading them. you probably have a lot since 2009.

hope you have a sweet day.