moving picture monday {with a theme}... and a few questions {if you would be so kind as to answer them}

is it really monday already? wow, that week went by quickly! it seems like i did the last moving picture monday link-up just yesterday. i guess i've been away from blogland more than i thought i would be... i published only one other post since last monday's.

but here i am again for another link-up post... i made it back for the fourth moving picture link-up! i wasn't sure how long i would do this little project... i'm still not sure, actually. i guess it depends on how much interest others show. so far, there has not been an extremely large number of participants. but it's still early, so i want to give it a chance to get moving {haha...pun intended}. 

that's where you all will come in at the end of this post... or where i hope you will come in. i will be including a short questionnaire about moving picture mondays, so as to gage where i might go with it from this point on.

but on to the fun part for now... my moving picture!

after my lack-luster moving picture from last week, i thought i better come up with something a little more creative... something that looks like i put a little more time and effort into it. for this one, i simply put the camera on a tripod and set my focus button to manual. then, i just started snapping away, turning the lens a little each time between shots so as to bring the out-of-focus branch into focus and then back out again.

here is another less intricate version using a branch from that same tree, but one that has only just begun to emerge {it does not get as much sun as the rest of the tree, so it's a little bit behind}...

with today being only the second day of april, i wanted to use this shakespeare quote... "april hath put a spirit of youth in everything."

but then i decided my photos were not very "youthful", and i thought this quote was more suited...

yesterday the twig was brown and bare;
today the glint of green is there;
tomorrow will be leaflets spare;
i know no thing so wondrous fair,
no miracle so strangely rare.
i wonder what will next be there!
~l.h. bailey

before i wrap this post up with my last few thoughts {and questions} about moving picture mondays, i wanted to feature one of the moving picture submissions from last week... cathy's lovely animation of umbrellas in the rain.

i thought it went well with my springy theme today. i don't know why, but it reminds me of a nineteenth century painting... perhaps a "monet meets a rainy, moving version of seurat's most famous painting"?? isn't it fun? i wish i could feature them all, but for space' sake, i have to limit to just one per week. thank you so much to all who participated last week! {and each week so far!} i hope you all will be back again this week!

one of the photographers/bloggers who contributes here on moving picture mondays suggested that i offer a prompt or theme for these link-ups... so that those who might be interested in participating will have some sort of jumping point or inspiration to guide their animation concept... an idea of what to animate with their photos.

i actually thought of that back when i started moving picture monday, but i wasn't sure if i wanted to do that, because i wanted others to have the flexibility to do absolutely anything they wanted with these. and i thought that would make for some interesting variety, because that is what makes these so much fun... the endless possibilities! but then i realized it might be a good idea, so i'm going to try that out.

of course, if you were planning on submitting a link today, to an animation you already made, it will not have been made as a result of a theme given by me, since i did not give one last week. so for this week's link-up, i will leave it themeless. {although, the theme i chose to go with is emerge, and you can too... if you'd like! i thought it would go well with spring and the new life all around us in this new month of april. i may come back to that theme again before spring is over.}

okay... that's it!

if you are going to submit today with the theme of your own choosing and you've submitted before, you know the ropes. if you have not submitted before, here's what you do...

to join the fun, grab the button below
{by copying and pasting the code that is in the box below the flying birds gif}
and add it to the html of your moving picture post
so that you can link back to the party here from your blog.

it's just how i see things

then... link up to your post here, by adding your link at the end of this post in inlinkz.

lastly, have fun!

{{NOTE: after you submit your entry and inlinkz takes you to the page where you can grab an image from your post for the thumbnail link, it will let you choose your gif image {and crop it, if you want}, but it will not actually show up, because it does not recognize gifs, so inlinkz uses the little blue cartoon face for the link instead. i'd rather have an image that reflects my blog for my link, so i just choose my profile picture instead.}}

if you didn't make a moving picture yet but planned on it, we can try out this new theme/prompt idea this week, and you go ahead and make your animation with the emerge theme, too... but don't feel like you have to!

if you are new here and don't know how to make animated gifs, but would like to, you can see my photoshop tutorial for making them here. if you have elements, you can read an excellent tutorial for making them here.

okay... one more thing...

if you would be so kind, can you answer these questions in a comment to help me get a better idea of where i should go with this moving picture monday endeavor?
one... should i keep doing moving picture mondays?... indefinitely? {i almost gave up last monday, because it looked like only one other person was going to join that week.} these take some time. i love to do them, but it's a lot of work to set up the link-up each week in addition to shooting and creating my animation. {especially when i have a baby at my ankles letting me know he wants me to play with him instead of other photographers/bloggers. *wink*} 
two... if i do keep hosting moving picture monday link-ups, should i incorporate the idea of giving a theme prompt each week? {in other words, are you less inclined to participate without some sort of guideline or inspiration for your animation subject?}
three... do you think i should do these once a month instead of every week? {i'm just wondering if readers choose not to participate because it's too time-consuming to be a weekly thing.} 
four... if you have not participated, is it because you don't like linky parties, or is it because while you do enjoy making animated gifs, you would rather do them on your own at your own pace, not within the community of a link-up atmosphere?
five... are you apprehensive to try making an animated gif {and thus joining the link-up} because making animations seems too difficult or intimidating?
six... if you have no interest in creating animations with your photos, do you still enjoy seeing others'? and if so, do you simply like to view, but choose not to comment on m.p.m. posts because you feel like you shouldn't join in on comments if you are not going to submit your own animation? {if that is the case for any of you, i hope you will not feel that way... i hope you know your are perfectly welcome to comment on m.p.m. posts, even if you are not participating with a moving picture of your own... and i'm guessing the other participants would appreciate your input, too! so, please... feel absolutely free to chime in.}
i think that's it for my questions. i hope i covered all that has me curious about what others think of moving picture mondays. and and all thoughts and ideas are very welcome! as always, i look forward to seeing any contributions. each week, i continue to be delighted seeing the creatively different things you all do with these. i hope you feel the same about my animations! and as always, i will leave the link-up open for a week! happy animating!

oops! sorry... one more thing again... feel free to leave some ideas for themes i can use in the coming weeks. but until i get your ideas, i'll go with one that i came up with for next week. it is words. it's a somewhat vague subject, i know. but i want to keep these themes more broad so that there is still a lot of room for a wide array of ideas that you can come up!


beth said...

hi you....
i love your moving photos and you've been a great teacher !!

now that you've taught people how to make the moving photos, they will probably just do {make} them whenever they feel like they have the right photos, instead of taking photos just for a moving photo.

mondays are my catch up from the weekend day....which includes overhauling my ignored house and desk and some blog reading, bills etc.
it's a busy day !

maybe once a month would be better instead of every monday. plus that gives YOU a break, too !!

Holly said...

I totally want to participate in this, I just haven't had a chance to sit down and do it yet. I want to though...don't give up!!!

georgia b. said...

thanks for your input, beth and holly! i REALLY do appreciate it!

i was sort of thinking along those lines beth. i know that when i learn something, i like to try it out myself in a non-community atmosphere at first. then, when i get more confident doing it, i like to join communities {or link-ups} that focus on that particular thing.

holly, having even just one person say "keep going!" is enough to make me want to continue. thanks for the encouragement and for cheering moving picture monday on!

Holly said...

Every Monday when I see this I think, "Oh man, I want to do that sooo bad!" I just haven't had the time to sit down and go through it yet, I'm thinking it's going to take awhile for me to figure it out. I already have some pictures for it, so I'll try today!

georgia b. said...

oh, good!! glad to hear it, holly! i look forward to seeing what you do... if you do in fact get around to it.

if you can't get to it today, don't forget it's open all week!

thanks for your effort to join the party! =)

Holly said...

I didn't know it was open all week! That helps a lot too! Can't wait to try it! Thanks so much for hosting this.

georgia b. said...

oh, no! thank YOU!!... for showing an interest. it's so much more fun to do this collaboratively! {and, you are very welcome.}

Holly said...

I did it! I did it! It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Can't wait to try again. ♥

Cathy said...

I love how your moving pictures go in and out of focus. and the added wording is a nice touch. the sepia color and bokeh are beautiful in the second one, I'm curious to know what lens you used.

Also, thank you so much for highlighting my moving picture from last week. It was such a surprise when I happened upon it. I really appreciate it : )

My answers to your questions (I tried to send you words of encouragement last week, but I can't seem to hook up to Windows Live email)...
1. I love Moving Pictures Monday. As long as you keep it going, I will post.

2. I think a theme might be nice to get people started, but the one thing I liked about posting is that I could do anything I wanted. So, perhaps post a theme, and allow posts that fall outside of the theme, but I will try to participate in the themes if I can work it out that week.

3. Maybe Bi-weekly or Monthly if that is what the majority wants. Plus, it has to be what is best for your schedule too. Perhaps when it starts picking up, then more often. I am satisfied with weekly though : )

4. I enjoy the linky, it puts all our moving pictures together for easy access to viewing. I'm enjoying all the posts.

Dang, this is one long post, sorry! Now I have to work on my moving picture so I can post this evening. See you later, and thank you so much for creating a space for us to share out moving pictures <3

georgia b. said...

cathy... you are SO welcome! i really did love what you did with the umbrellas. i love umbrellas in photos. thank you for your feedback, too! i take it very much to heart!

Katie (Mama May I) said...

Beautiful quotes and love the way you shot in and out of focus on your tripod. Gorgeous!

lissa said...

Wonderful moving picture this week.

To answer your questions:

1. Sure, but only if you would like to. And also, you can have different blogger host for different weeks.

2. You can give an optional prompt the week BEFORE, that way, we won't have to go to your blog to see what the theme was for that week.

3. I would go with bi- or even tri-weekly. I think I need the time to think of what to do and to do it.

4. If I don't participate, it's either because I don't have the time or that I couldn't think of what to do. But usually, it's because I don't have the time.

5. I do think it's a bit intimidating, especially when I see others do something I like better.

6. If I have the time, I would go comment. I enjoy seeing other people's creations.

Hope you have a lovely spring.

georgia b. said...

thank you, lisaa. i actually did give a theme for next week... like you suggested. it's in the last paragraph of this post... it's "words".

i appreciate your comment and answers and thoughts and ideas. a lot! i know you to comment here on each moving picture... especially when you participate. and i've seen you interact with others on their posts, too. so i know you are very sincere with our interest in this... and i'm so glad! especially since you contribute such great animations and inspiration!!

as always, thank you!! likewise... about having a lovely spring! =)

Michelle Renee said...

Very cool! I saved the elements tutorial link to look at when I have more time. Thanks for sharing!

Geri Centonze said...

Your moving pictures are gorgeous. I wish I could be as creative!

1. I know how time consuming blogging can be, so that is totally up to you.

2. Theme prompt would be great given a week in advance with the option of posting any moving pictures.

3. Weekly or monthly - that's up to you.

4. I do more artwork than photography, so I don't always have photos to animate, but I do enjoy looking!

5. I'm okay with making them, but I'm definitely not as creative as some...that's a bit intimidating =)

6. Yes, I do enjoy seeing everyone's moving pictures. So fun!

Thanks for the link to my animated gif tutorial for Elements!

LIza said...

Please continue to do this link up. I definitely want to try it and have separated a few groups of pictures do make my animations. It's been crazy with the planning of my move but have been trying to squeeze it in.

So, perhaps what I agree with most is that it becomes a monthly project. Thanks for letting us have an input
; )

georgia b. said...

thank you so much for your input, geri and liza! i really do appreciate it! after all the comments, looks like i'll keep doing these! and i am happy to! i think everyone who participates might be at different levels of "skill" and comfortableness or ease with which we make these. but that is the cool part of the community environment... we can all learn from each other!

so glad to know you all support this and want to keep doing it.

Kia and Zeno said...

Cool moving pictures you have created! :)

Connie Smiley said...

Georgia, What you've done with the branches is beautiful, and so creative!

I loved learning how to do this, and so appreciate your tutorial--it's not as hard as it looks. Still, I imagine I will do it only occasionally, not because I don't enjoy it, but because it's a little more time consuming than my regular posts.

As to what you decide about the link parties... the answer is in your hands.

In any case, thank you, and have a Blessed Easter!

Candace said...

Your branches are lovely. I, once again, am linking to an old post that has an animated gif in it, at the end of the post. Since the theme is "emerge," I will make mine "e-merge," since I merged several layers of the same photo (again).

I enjoy looking at your moving pictures and those of your linkers but, as others have said, it's up to you how often you want to do it. I haven't participated in "real time," because it just hasn't coincided with what I've been writing about on my blog. But, at some point, it may. Also, I've been lazy lately and don't really like to set up a tripod unless I have a really good idea...and I don't...yet.

georgia b. said...

thanks, candace!! i appreciate your input. no worries about not doing it in real time... or at all. i know people are busy. that's why i ask what others' thoughts are... i want to know if it is realistic, and if not, how often i should do these... how much others would like it to keep going.

that's why i keep it open all week. i know there are link-ups that i participate in that i can not do right on the day the link-up opens... if at all. i totally know what it's like. i will get very excited at first and gung ho... intending to participate each time. but then, i get involved in other things, and either forget or lose interest... not because it is uninteresting, but because there are newer things that have taken my interest. so i totally get it!

that is why i appreciate anyone who participates!!... and as always, i look forward to seeing what you linked up to... that's why i'm off to see it now!