new leaves








so easy! i must admit... i was drawn to pick this sweet little green tin up and prompted to buy it just based on the packaging. it's charming, no? {i'm such a sucker for aesthetically-driven purchases!}

did you know that marjoram is a type of oregano? i didn't... not until i bought this tin and did a little research. i was intrigued by this herb i had never heard of, so i looked it up, and that is one of several things i discovered.

i was quite surprised, too... especially knowing my growing kit is meant for teas. oregano leaves as a tea? who would have thought? but then i read that it is the sweeter version of oregano as compared to the version we typically cook with {often used in italian dishes}. oh, who am i kidding? i don't even cook all that often... in fact, the hubby would testify that i never cook. cooking is his specialty. although, i have to say... i used to have some oregano in my herb garden. i bought the young plant and put it in the ground myself... lovingly watering it throughout the spring and summer until it got to be rather large. did i use it in any cooking? um... that's another story.

that was a few years ago... and also the last time i got excited about growing my own herbs. then i got pregnant. then i had a baby... so the last two years have been a little sparse in the excitement-over-growing-herbs department.

it's high-time that i get excited about growing my own herbs again!

now i am settling into mamahood a little more, i have come to find a slightly better balance between being a mom and continuing to juggle other hobbies or loves. though i am not a great cook {or a frequent one}, i am rather passionate about herbs... mostly because i love to taste so many of them in my food... cilantro, rosemary, basil, dill, chives and tarragon being my favorites {all frequently clipped and used by me in food preparation, i'm proud to say!}.

so i was very excited to try my hand at starting an herb plant from seeds... to seedlings... to sprouts... through to full-grown marjoram plants that i can transfer to my garden!

and i might even get ambitious enough to go beyond use for tea and try to make one of these recipes using marjoram.

woh!... slow down, there, georgia. let's just take it one step at a time. let's not turn over too many leaves all at once. *wink*


Andrea said...

Ooo! this is cute and pretty! I want to see photos when it starts growing. :) Pretty processing.

Chatty Crone said...

Okay - another thing in common - I buy like you do. This was a great little planting idea with herbs.

Last year I was going to have my hubs make something - but he didn't and I forgot all about it. lol


Kathy said...

I'm going to have to keep my eyes open at Target for these tins. Cuuuute! I have the base of an old chiminea stand that I converted into a small herb garden on my patio. I love having access to fresh herbs....the spice of life :)

beth said...

You know I don't cook much either, but I have found my self to be very creative with herbs....especially basil :)

beth said...

You know I don't cook much either, but I have found my self to be very creative with herbs....especially basil :)

georgia b. said...

kathy... look in the clearance section... hopefully there are some still there. i got the last one at my target. then, i looked online at their website to see if there were more available at the site, but i did not find any. i would have loved to try a few more herbs. but i can always go to home depot and buy the plants. i just like the idea of having a cute tin left over for another use after the seedlings have sprouted.

georgia b. said...

beth... basil is my fave! i do remember how much you like it, too. it's so versatile! have you used it in tea or lemonade? it's delicious that way!

andrea... i will definitely try to get some shots of the sprouts. i hope they actually do sprout. i did follow the simple directions, but i have never had a very green thumb... so it remains to be seen. =)

sandie... nice to know there are other people who buy based on pretty packaging. =)

geetlee said...

beautiful! love the softness of the shots :)

Rochelle said...

Wow, I'm realizing I haven't been to visit your blog in way too long!! I LOVE your new look! :) Love this post too. Miss you friend!

georgia b. said...

thanks, roe. =)

miss you, too!

Leah C said...

Pretty packaging gets me every time!! I must have missed these tins at my local Target...otherwise I'd be growing some herbs right now;)