moving {beach waves and big bird that i don't know the name of} picture monday

i had hoped to get these done by this morning, but both catching up after vacation and getting a new computer yesterday put me behind for getting moving on my moving pictures. and on top of that, none of us have slept well here since we got home. we must be missing florida more than i realized.

anyway, if you were planning to participate with a moving picture, i apologize for the lateness of my post. i do always leave the link-up open all week, so there is always still time.

i should know the name of the bird you see above {do you?}, seeing as every time i go to the gulf, i see these big birds roaming the beach in search of fish to dive-bomb in the shallow waves. they are tall and awkward, but i think they are so cute. i just love their long legs and long necks... giving them so much character and whimsy to their walk. and that little flap of feathers on the back of their heads always gets me... the way it's always flapping around in the wind. too cute.

since the theme for this week is officially shapes {though, you are welcome to post any moving picture with any theme}, i thought i would add this moving picture in addition today...

our first night and first full day there, it rained. but by early evening of the first day, the rain stopped and gave way to a beautiful, dramatic cloud-filled sky. it was now nice enough to take a stroll on the beach and get some photos {though still quite cool}.

i could sit and watch waves wash ashore on the ocean all day long... i love the different shapes that the waves make as they tide in and out, leaving a trail of foam behind. it's interesting to watch how the shapes of each one interplay with each other.

i'm not in love with my photography for either animated gif this week. but i did take these outside at times when i could not see the lcd screen on my camera very well, so i had no idea if the photos were turning out right. {that's my excuse, and i'm stickin' to it! *wink*}

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have you a moving picture today that you would like to link up with? just follow the steps below. i would love to see what you've done if you made one for this week... shapes or no shapes!

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{never made and animated gif and wanna know how?
go here for a photoshop tutorial.
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{{NOTE for first-time participants: after you submit your entry and inlinkz takes you to the page where you can grab an image from your post for the thumbnail link, it will let you choose your gif image {and crop it, if you want}, but it will not actually show up, because it does not recognize gifs, so inlinkz uses the little blue cartoon face for the link instead. i'd rather have an image that reflects my blog for my link, so i just choose my profile picture instead.}}

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the moving picture theme for next monday is food. so many possibilities to get creative with there! i'll see you with my next moving picture link-up in a week... and hopefully even sooner with a submission from you this week!

have a great week!


Kim Stevens said...

Well, that is the beautiful Great Blue Heron and I think these are both incredible! I really, really need to figure out how to do this - especially since I live on the gulf coast and am at the beach often taking pics of birds flying by. Love, love, love.... !!

georgia b. said...

thanks so much, kim! and thanks for telling me the name of the bird!

if you have photoshop, you can learn how to make these with my tutorial...

thanks for reminding me that i need to add this link to this post for anyone who has never done one and needs to learn!! i'm gonna go add it now.


lucky you, to live on the gulf!! that is a dream of mine!

Geri Centonze said...

And I love both of them! I really felt the mood of the moment. You captured it so well.

georgia b. said...

thanks, geri!!

Cathy said...

Wow! what a treat! the processing is so crisp and fresh, it is just like being at the beach with you. the first one is great fun, and the second one is just amazing and beautiful.

georgia b. said...

thanks, cathy!

i absolutely LOVE what you did with yours this time!

Leanne said...

you're so clever, love the big bird!

Nicki said...

Absolutely love the 2nd shot - very tempting.

Chatty Crone said...

Got another question for you. Do you need the photoshop program to do this? Thanks. sandie

georgia b. said...

hi, sandie!

you need photoshop to do it the way i did mine. see tutorial here...

or you need elements to do it this way...

you can also make them on this web site...
but the quality/resolution of the photos is a bit lower than if you did it through the photoshop software... but still good enough for viewing on your blog... and much much quicker and easier than using software.

hope that helps.

nice to hear from you!
i hope you are well.

georgia b. said...

thanks so much, leanne and nicki!

geetlee said...

i LOVE both your shots! So lucky that you could shoot the heron (at least that's what I think its called) walking by. And the color of the water is fabulous! I love the little ponytail on their heads too haha :)
I also agree with what you said about the waves and the foam they leave behind. I love to photograph it :)
It's like you read my mind