sea you

see the sea

in a few hours, we're off to see the sea.
it will be isaac's first time seeing the ocean... or any large body of water, for that matter.
i can't tell you how excited i am!
i'll be doing what i always do when we go...
letting the salty, humid air and sound of the waves
seep deeply in
and quiet me to where i will listen
to where God wants me

haven't had much time for taking pictures,
but re-using older shots from past posts {like this one} these past few days has worked out nicely.
you can be sure i'll take photos when we are away.
and this time, they will be with a newer camera and a newer lens.

this sea oats photo was taken one of the last times we were there... almost three years ago to the day...
using my old canon power shot in macro setting.
sea oats abound where we are going.
maybe i'll try this again to see how it will work with the new equipment.

or maybe i'll just sit and relax for a change.
oh, who am i kidding?
i'm gonna take a heck of a lot of pictures!!!

looking forward to getting back and posting some... especially the ones of isaac's first beach experience.

see you.

{hey, look at that!! i do know how to write a short post.}


Leanne said...

Sounds wonderful, hope you have a lovely time!

SueAnn Lommler said...

Oh how wonderful! Time with His waters is always such a blessing.
Enjoy and soak it all in.
Looking forward to the pics

Photoholic said...

oooh lucky you! and lucky Isaac!
Hope you have a wonderful time =D!

Nicki said...

First time to the ocean or sea is exciting for everyone - shucks, any time to the sea or ocean is exciting for everyone. This is a lovely photo and you sound like me - I momentarily contemplate going somewhere and not take pictures - only to be honest and admit that I'm not just there for the ride, but as a collector of memories in my little black box. Enjoy your trip!

Naomi said...

How wonderful! Enjoy your time! We were just near the ocean and it was the first time for both my boys. I took a bajillion pictures. I think I was more excited for them than they were. ha! have fun!

a shutter bug said...

Thankyou for your comments at mine re, SHS gorgeous photos, I like the presentation

beth said...

you know my love for the sea.....well, it's deep and so very true !!

so i'm thrilled that your baby boy will have his first visit to what i believe is truly a piece of heaven !!


Andrea said...

Have fun!! Can't wait to see your photos when you get back. I bet Issac will have lots of fun. :)

a shutter bug said...

Hello, I was trying to email you aquestion but was having great difficulties my end. I was wondering how you achieved the cirle crop framing ? I looks wonderful and so suits what you are portraying. Lovely Blog. Thankyou Miranda

Sandy K. said...

Have a wonderful trip. I'm excited to see what you come up with in the way of story-telling, both visually and in writing:). Isaac will love it!

GailO said...

Safe travels...and have fun!

georgia b. said...

miranda... i'm sorry i did not answer you sooner. i just now saw your comment/question. i use photoshope to crop my circle images. i'm not sure how familiar you are with photoshop... if at all. but if you are familiar, you can e-mail me {go to my profile page for a link to my e-mail}, and i can explain via e-mail. it would take too much time and space to explain it in the comments here. and i tried to reply to your comment via e-mail, but you are not hooked up to e-mail through blogger, so i could not.

stacey said...

So envious of your beach trip! Where did you go?? Can't wait to see more photos!

georgia b. said...

we went to FL where my in-laws live, stace.
i'll write you more about it.