i never thought of myself as one of those family portrait kind of people... but then i started a family. now i think it's going to be a tradition of ours.

family pic on the beach

i had not planned on posting this photo {taken on the beach in florida last april}, but tonight i saw a family photo link-up post on a cloth diapering blog that i subscribed to, and i wanted to link up with our family photo there... so i needed a place to link up to, and this post will be it! 

we've had a more recent family picture {one of my favorites} taken by my mom on mother's day. but this one was a little more planned, and when i set the camera up to have it shot, i had a framed print or hanging canvas print for our home in mind.

here is the one i would have liked to use {except as a sepia like the above shot}...

us three on beach

especially since isaac is looking at the camera here. but our legs are cut off in it and isaac's got his finger in front of his mouth, so i decided that the other one would be better for it.

anyway... if you read a couple posts back, you might remember me saying that i was working on some small projects around the house. this was {still is} one of them. i actually had originally intended to some sort of d.i.y. with it. i had heard about an idea of transferring photos to pieces of wood, and i really wanted to try it with this photo. someone gave me this link that shows a video on how easy it is to make one. it also provides a link to a detailed step-by-step tutorial on how to do the transfer. this was in response to a request i posted on facebook for suggestions and ideas, saying that i wanted to try this process out to save on the cost of ordering a print from one of the photo canvas companies.

after having asked about it on facebook, a former co-worker of mr. b's and mine wrote to tell me that the company he now works for can and does print photos on canvas for a very, very good price {even lower than costco} and that he'd be happy to print mine.

so i had to take him up on his very generous offer. the only thing is, now i will have to have the canvas stretched/attached onto a frame, as i am only buying the flat printed canvas. by the time i pay for shipping costs to have the canvas mailed and the framing, it might turn out to be what i would have paid at costco or some other place like that... although, i hope not. we'll see.

regardless, i really wanted to have it hanging in our home... this photo {which i am very happy with} that shows us all together and reflects how grateful and content we are to be a family... and one that was taken before isaac turned a year old. that was important to me, because i'd really like to have a nice family portrait taken during each year of his life, so i am happy to know we did not miss out on his first year.

anyway, i'll be sure to post again after it arrives and gets framed and hung, so you can see how it turned out.

until then, it will be here for me to view and to make me smile. and as long as it's here, i figured i would link-up to autumn's family photo link-up.

by the way {in case i ever do try it}, has anyone else every transferred one of their photos to a sheet/block of wood yourself? i'd love to know how it turned out!


Megan Broutian said...

Transferring photos to any other place except through a usb port to my computer is WAY beyond my expertise. Love the pic but I like the one without your sunglasses better; one gets to see your pretty, happy eyes. But I'm not looking at it from a purely aesthetic angle like you, so I'd leave that to your better-trained-professional vision :)

georgia b. said...

hahaha, megan. i hear ya. i went outside my comfort zone to get this canvas done. =)

which pic without the sunglasses are you referring to? both of the pics in this post are with sunglasses on... oh, perhaps you are referring to the one i linked to??

i actually wish they had not been on. but no one thought to have me take them off... probably because no one was thinking in terms of this photo being used for framing on the wall ilke i was. and as we were facing the setting sun, i had them on so i could see what i was doing with the camera... just forgot to take them off. =(

for isaac's second year, i'll be sure to make certain there are no sunglasses being sported by any of us in the family portrait.

Paula J said...

Georgia I LOVE the photo!!!

beth said...

G...transferring is really hard. i've tried it many times with the golden products and it just never looks the way i want it to.

something fun is having your photo printed on fabric. you can make t-shirts and bags and oh, pillows are really fun ")

georgia b. said...

thanks, "guys"!

beth... sorry to hear that report. i had really hoped to make one. they make it look so easy and they make it look like it turns out well. i guess i'll still have to try it for myself... just so i'll be able to say i did it and find out for myself.

mostly, i'm just looking for something that will work on our walls. so though i like the t-shirt idea, i probably would never wear it and then never appreciate it. good thing i went with the canvas idea.

Jenny Schouten Short said...

I would have it blown up and framed without a glass. Professional photographers send their photos to developing and printing studios that do that. My daughter has some hanging in her house. http://cowtowncameragirl.com
xo Jenny

georgia b. said...

thank you for the idea, jenny!

georgia b. said...

i think i've seen that where it's just mounted on a foam core board, with no frame at all. is that what you mean?

Cathy said...

hi georgia, i started watching the tutorial, but got interupted and am just finding my way back here. i just saw a post from a blogger who recently tried this method and showed how easy it is. if you haven't already seen this, here is the site...good luck : )


georgia b. said...

thanks, cathy!! i will definitely check that out. i appreciate you giving me the tip like i asked for in the post.