it's sort of plunge... not really a dive... it's more like a sit-under-the-fountain-and-splash-around... but it's getting into the water, so it's a start!

isaac swimming_53

i bet you're wondering what i'm talking about. i'll just tell you instead of being so cryptic. =)

i started a facebook business page for my photography! i thought this was a long way off. but i've been doing so many kid photo shoots {mostly practice sessions} and getting requests for other {paid} shoots, i thought i'd make it official and start out with a facebook business page while i get things started and moving along. i guess you could call it a step of faith in the right direction.

it is mostly to serve as a temporary web site to house a portfolio of my past and current work... to show the kinds of things i can do to potential customers who hear about me via word of mouth.

some day {as i get better, which will come with practice and maybe more training}, i'll do a real web site for my business. but for now, i thought i would make a place for the shoots i do... a place to put the photo albums so as not to flood my personal facebook page with those non-personal photos.

i have a family portrait shoot this weekend {any tips you have would be most welcome!!}, an engagement shoot next week {it will be my second one ever, but my first with a good lens}, and a possible senior portraits shoot in september. there are also talks of a family shoot for my husband's brother's family.

i read a good quote via a facebook/blogging friend today. it said, "don't prepare. begin." 

okay... so i know preparation is a good thing when there is a time and place for it. but it can also be something one hides behind or mistakes for something else that's not so good... like fear or self-doubt.

so, i just did it. i just began. i'm not stressing, because if i let myself, this could all seem overwhelming. we need the income very much {which puts pressure on me to succeed}, and we have no child-care or budget for it. but that is {hopefully} the beauty of doing things this way... self-started, my own boss, my own pace, flexibility, my own say in how much work i can take on and what hours i do the work in.

here is the way i see it. i had to start somewhere. so i started here.

end of story. well, more like end of that "thinkin' about it" chapter.

more like beginning of an entirely different and new one.

that said, here is my baby boy loving the pool last week. the rest of the splash-splash photos are here. perhaps i will get around to posting some others from the day, too... some sweet photos of my dear friend and her little one visiting from california.

isaac swimming_20 isaac swimming_10isaac swimming_50 isaac swimming_52 isaac swimming_21


Cropped Stories said...

Good for you for getting started! Love your friend's quote; it's very true and smart! I'll have to check out your new FB page! Love these pics by the way! I think you take fantastic shots and you have a great perspective :o)

georgia b. said...

oh, thank you, elena! feel free to follow {"like"} the page, too!!

georgia b. said...

oh... i see you have already. never mind.

Tracey said...

Your gifts will be a gift to the people who hire you G. :)

georgia b. said...

thank you, sweet tracey. such an encouragement coming from a phenomenal photographer such as yourself!

GailO said...

You have long been one of my favorite photographers Georgia...you just have a great eye and instinct. I am sure your photography business will do well!

georgia b. said...

thank you, gail. i appreciate that so much.