looking back {at photo walks} through the looking-back glass

this is one of my favorite photography quotes {especially because of how perfectly it compliments my blog name}. i sort of took it on as a motto a while back when i used to carry my camera with me everywhere i went. things are a bit different these days. but i still love the quote. now-a-days, i still look, see, stop and photograph... but usually within in the confines of my home, and usually the same subject... isaac. good thing i could never tire of taking his picture!

walk collage 
i've been thinking about this lately... how i never go on photo walks anymore. i took those walks all the time before isaac was born... even when i was pregnant, i would make a point of going on them. granted, i never did anything major, exciting or glamorous... like photo walks through paris or new york city on hiking in the mountains or along the california coast. about the best i could do was a day-trip to chicago to take pictures. other than that, it was mostly around here... in my small downtown or through the nature preserves in my area.

but at least i was doing something. and i miss that something... those walks. just me and my camera and for-the-most-part silence. always therapeutic. usually a learning experience... both in photography and in life. always reflective. always full of anticipation... i couldn't wait to get that s.d. card home and in the computer to view my photos on a bigger screen and see what i managed to capture that was worth keeping and posting.

well, needless to say, it's a bit difficult to get out and do this like i used to, now that i have an {almost} fourteen-month-old. even when i do have some time {if mr. b. watches isaac for me}, i feel like i don't have the energy... or if i do have it, i feel like i should spend it on something else that needs my time and attention {like little projects here at home and such}.

so, i'm using these two-year-old photo-walk photos instead... looking back through the looking-back glass. it's nice to finally post these, as i never got around to posting them when i took them a couple years ago. i am smitten with the color combo of blues and yellows. i got as far as starting to process these shots, but never posting. i think i know why, though... they were taken just one week {exactly} before i became pregnant with isaac. life changed just a little after that. it's been a bit of a whirlwind ever since.

i do look forward to more photo walks again some day... taking isaac with me, too. i'll buy him a little starter camera, and he can follow in his mama's footsteps... his mama's literal photo-walk footsteps, as well as his mama's love-of-photography footsteps {if he wants to, that is}.


what about you? have you gone on any photo walks lately? where do you like to go? what is a dream photo-walk location of yours? where would you like to go that you have not yet?

me? i'm still holding out for a trip to paris some day.

{p.s... i thought i'd do a moving picture monday link-up, since it's been so long! if you are not familiar, go here for the sccop. if you are and you know what to do, link below!!}


Leanne said...

beautiful flower photos, I agree that it's lovely to spend time walking and looking and snapping.

georgia b. said...

thank you, leanne.

Cathy said...

The time will come when you can get back to your wonderful photo walks, but right now you have the very important job of being a Mom to such a small one. It will be so much fun to go out with him when he is older, I bet you can't wait to see the world as he sees it through a lens. Maybe once every month or two, you could make a guilt-free date with your camera while Isaac is having fun with dad or another family member, or just go on a photo walk with him as the subject : )

georgia b. said...

i like that idea, cathy. i just may do that. =)

thanks for your submission! can't wait to see your moving picture.

lissa said...

I've always like seeing sunflower shots especially those with sunlight. it always reminds me of summer and how long those days seems to be but really aren't.

no moving pic though, I've lost interest in doing them for reasons even I don't really know but it's always nice to see them from others. & great quote.

hope you have a sweet day.

georgia b. said...

thanks, lissa. i did as well, for a while. and even now, they are not as much fun to do... maybe because they take more time, and i don't have much of that these days. =)

maybe your interest level will come back, though. sometimes, it just works that way. i hope so, because you always had such fun, creative moving pictures!

nice to hear from you.