that's my name, baby boy!...

don't wear it out.
you couldn't possibly wear it out!

i don't know if words could quite explain just how happy i am to not just be his mama anymore, but to be known as mama... to be given the name.

up until now, he only said "dada". in fact, even i was called dada. sometimes even grandma or a friend or a random person on the television was dada.

but now he's getting the whole "call someone by name" thing, and he's starting to get those names down.

as of very recently, i'm not just the person he cries for or misnames. now i'm known by my name. and it's music to my ears. it's enough to make a grown mama cry. it makes me melt each and every time.

i will always be here for him and always be his mom, so may he always call me such in some form or another. becoming a mom forever changed my life. now to be called his forever changes it again.

i think i could dance when i hear him say it! {but i don't, because he might start to think that "mama" is a command for "jump up and down and act silly"}.

i'm nothing short of giddy... he calls me who i am.



Evelyn S. said...

It's a precious name, particularly when spoken by a precious child! Actually, I like "Mom" now; my "children" are 30 and 32.

georgia b. said...

mom's good too. i look forward to that version as well. although, i still call my mother "mama"... so maybe he will too??

i'll take it in any form from this day forward.

Jean said...

i am 27, turning 28 come august. it doesn't sound right if i don't call my mom, mommy. i even refer that on my social networks! mommy & daddy. yep. it will forever stay.

Sandy K. said...

This is a great shot:). He is absolutely adorable. And I agree about being called by name...until he figures out he can continuously say it and get a reaction each time and then you may wish to change it! But that's a long way coming.

Cropped Stories said...

Awwww, what a sweet post! I'll never forget the first time my little one looked up at me and called me mama and knew what she was sayin'! It was amazing! Great picture too! He's a doll with those gorgeous eyes!

georgia b. said...

thanks, ladies!

jean, nice to know i'm not the only one who says far less formal words on my mother than mom. =)

actually, i think she prefers it over mother.

sandy... yes. i can see that. when he's at that stage of asking a million questions and each one starts with "mama..." i may just tire of hearing it every now and then. but he still can't wear it out.

thanks you, c.s.
my hubby took that pic. it's one of my favorite pics of isaac and me. i don't have so many, because i am usually the one behind the camera. so i treasure it!

allisamazing said...

How sweet and it's the best name on earth :)

georgia b. said...

thank you, alana. i agree... it is!

Cathy said...

your picture of the two of you is so cute! and i love reading your posts on his growth as it send me down memory lane to when my son was his age : )

georgia b. said...

thank you, cathy. =)

beth said...

oh mama....what a beautiful name it is !

georgia b. said...

thanks, beeeeeth!
this mama wants to see you this summer before it's over!