summer is fleeting, and i have to say, i'm sort of okay with that... especially if i get to look at this little guy in this jacket all season.

bears fan_1 bears fan_2 bears fan_3

i've been sort of sad at the thought of how quickly this summer has gone by. i mean, it's been so hot here, that we barely spent any time outside doing the things i really hoped to do all summer. but i have to say... because of that heat, i'm sort of looking forward to the cooler, rainy season ahead.

we had a taste of it today. it was chilly. it rained. i actually had to put a sweater on. at this point in august?... that's sort of unheard of. and sort of unthinkable following the heat wave we had for a couple months straight!

anyway, i found the weather today to be perfectly fitting for the first chicago bears game of the year. yes, it's only a pre-season game. but we are pretty avid fans around here, so we get excited about even those. fall means football. i was a sort-of fan for years. then my husband helped me mature beyond fair-weathered to devoted. now, with a little guy in the house, it's more than just football season. it's fun, make-your-toddler-wear-all-the-fan-garb season, too!

so i bundled up the little guy in his free-from-freecycle bears windbreaker and took him outside to see the rain puddles and get some "go bears!" shots. when i looked at them on the screen, i remember just why cloudy days can be some of the best days to shoot... no editing necessary. the colors are perfectly saturated and the light is perfectly smooth. except for the type added, these are all straight-out-of-camera shots!

now let's hope the weather conditions and sky is the same tomorrow for the engagement photoshoot i get to do {sans-rain, of course}! that would be wonderful, especially since i have to shoot in the middle of the day!

bears fan_6bears fan_5 bears fan_4

are you getting ready for football where you are? who's your team? whoever it is, just whisper it so isaac doesn't hear you {unless it's the bears, too}... he gets a little too into this fan thing, ya know.


Anonymous said...

We woke up this morning to a wet world outside. I love when it rains overnight, so quietly that you don't even know it until you wake in the morning. Hope you have a wonderful day for the photo shoot!

georgia b. said...

thank you, diane! i hope to! so far, the weather report is holding up. =)

Andrea said...

Oh my goodness! He looks so big in the jacket! And no! I am SO NOT ready for football. I despise football! My husband goes to all of the Oregon State Univ. games, so it's just more time away from us. Boo! But if I have to pick teams, I'll root for the Univ. of Washington, and the Seahawks!

beth said...

this weather change is simply marvelous !!
and oh lord....isaac and that coat.....too cute !!
GO BEARS.....i mean GO PACK.....oops :)
{we used to live in chicago so i can cheer for both}

and i hope your shoot went great....middle of the day sun is HARSH. i've been doing shoots from 3-ish to 6-ish and still find the sun hard to deal with at that time, unless we're in a shady park.

Jean said...

i loooooooooooove football.

georgia b. said...

us too, jean. it's the only sport i really enjoy watching.

Cropped Stories said...

These pictures came out fantastic! As much as I love the Summer, I could use a nice break from the heat and humidity as well! I can't wait for the Fall and for the cooler weather! That jacket is just too cute on him!

georgia b. said...

thank you, elana!! i agree. the humidity gets old after a while. we are having a perfect day today, though. sunny. warm. dry. perfect.

stacey said...

Oh my goodness, Georgia. Seriously probably my favorite photos you have taken of little Isaac. My absolute favorite being the second to the last one. That hood! Those eyes!! Adorable!

Not a huge football fan and thankfully my hubby isn't either. He'll watch the Vikings but doesn't HAVE to watch them.

georgia b. said...

thank you, friend. =)

i was not a fan until brac got me hooked. and even that wasn't right away... not a until a few years into our marriage. for some reason he stopped being a fan for a while. then about four or five years in to our marriage, he started getting excited about the bears again.

vikings... we don't like the vikings around here!! =)