yesterday's post {part two}

day with ese_3

as i said in yesterday's post, the other special part of our day was being with a good friend and her kiddos. she's one of those friends who you wish could be your next-door neighbor or you hers. i guess an hour away isn't so bad... especially since it's an hour by train, and train rides are always fun with a little one {see yesterday's post}. 

but our visits are too few, and she's that sort of friend who you know would make a great neighbor and who you know you'd have a blast with... tackling projects together, drinking tea in the garden, lending and borrowing cups of sugar for baking, exchanging funny kid stories, babysitting for eachother, feeding off of each other's creativity and inspiration, borrowing jewelry {starting with that way-awesome yellow beauty she is sporting below}... the list could go on and on.

day with ese_4

but i think the reason i'd like to live next to her most right now is because she has a boy that is close to isaac's age... we were pregnant with them at the same time, and it was such a joy to share that time with her... bonding even. so much so, that i find myself very much wishing i was pregnant again right now, because SO IS SHE!... with her fourth!

i know, i know!... you can't even tell, can you? i mean, if you look close, you can see the teeny bump in the photo above. but seriously... her belly is flatter now at three months pregnant than mine is almost a year-and-a-half post isaac's birth. and she's had three already!! this is why i did not include "borrowing each other's clothes" in my list of great reasons to be neighbors above. *wink*

anyway, neighbors or not, we will always be friends... of that i am sure. she is beautiful outwardly, yes. but what makes her the most special person you could meet and know is her kind and creative soul... so giving. so effervescent. so grounded. and though much younger than me, such an inspiration and role model as a mom.

anyhoo... here is her sweet son with my boy... at the new heavenly grocer near her house. {it's like whole foods, only better... 'cause they have a gelato stand! i had peanut butter! it was to die for!} aren't they cute? isaac had not napped yet, so he was less than enthusiastic here. and, he had taken a tumble right before we walked over to the store... scraping the skin clear off his upper lip on the sidewalk. it bled and became quite swollen, and it broke my heart. but it didn't seem to keep him from sharing and enjoying a gelato cone with me. *wink*

day with ese_9 day with ese_6 day with ese_8

guess who else took a tumble? yep... little man #2. surely you noticed that sweet bump/bruise on his forehead. BOYS!... i tell ya. but aren't they sweet? i can't get over what a sharp dresser my friend's little guy is. i'm certain i know who is dressing him {especially when a certain someone told me that mustard yellow was the forecasted it color for fall when i arrived at her house}. *i grin*

day with ese_10

and there's more... two older sisters. the oldest is isaac's buddy, too. they were inseperable during quiet time. i observed how much isaac was enjoying being around her. and she was so sweet with him... like a big sister {a role she has down pat}. that's her on the right below.

day with ese_2

then there's little miss independent who did not interact as much with isaac. she likes to do her own thing... typical middle child. but, oh, is she sweet. she's the exact miniature version of my friend.
day with ese_5

such a sweet time we had. don't get me wrong... it was not without some crazy moments where all four kids were unhappy at the same time... three of them crying and one on the verge. but it was mostly good. i get all filled up with such joy from watching isaac with other kids, because i know he gets such joy out of being with them.

every time we visit, it goes by way too fast. and i honestly feel a small ache when i have to leave. i'm not sure that we are meant to live so far from the ones we love. but i know that is just how life is. that's why you hope for true friendships that last over time and distance and for the kind of bonds where mutual effort is made to keep the friendship strong. i've got that with her.

now all i need is that necklace!

day with ese_7

anyway, all that to say, it was sort of special to spend isaac's conceptionday in the company of a pregnant woman as i pondered those first days of isaac's existence. it stirred up good memories of my own pregnancy.

it gave me a glimmer of hope that i might again get to be some day.

before i go... here is my baby boy's sweet face the next morning... a wounded lip, yes. but a dampened spirit, no. and a mind full of good memories from the day before. i know, because when he saw the photos above on my monitor, he had nothing but smiles as they reminded him of their giggles and shenanigans together.

isaac ouchie

i can't say for certain it will be, but i can say for certain that i would love it to be... that, some day, there would be a brother or sister for isaac. a new playmate that does not live a whole hour away. not even one that lives right next door. rather, one who is right there in his own home, eating the same food, hearing the same voices, among his own toys.

only God knows. and only time will tell.

whatever that answer is at whatever time it is known, i am blessed right now. boo-boos and meltdowns and memories and all.


Déjà Blue said...

Oh friend, these turned out great! You are wicked talented:)
I so wish we could be neighbors, but in the meantime you can borrow the necklace! Lets do it again. Thankful for you xx

georgia b. said...

thanks, sweet ese.