this is not the best photo, i know... but i wanted to post about my once-in-a-blue-moon attempt to be like martha stewart 'cause it's something that rarely happens, and i must document it as proof that i really can be a creative up-cycler when i put my mind to it.

okay, here's the story... i almost threw these two old pier 1 imports couch throw pillows in the trash during a burst of energy that came over me one day to de-clutter my home. but then, in a rare wave of creative genius, i had the idea to give them a new life, instead. 

so i tossed the pillows in the washing machine to get the drool stains out {many a couch naps were taken on those pillows}, dried them in the dryer, and then took a permanent marker to them to transform them into decorative pillows for isaac's orange- and owl-themed toddler room!! 

i simply drew the b. freehand as neatly as i could, then went back and filled it in to even out any waviness in the lines. then, i used my son's world market halloween candy satchel from last year {you can see it here} to trace the owl onto the other pillow. that trace was rough, as well. so i had to go back and clean it up just like the b. ...making it neat and even and all perfect-like... 'cause i'm sort of a perfectionist if everything isn't even and uniform. took me a while, but i was very happy with the results!!

this just might be my one attempt of the century to get all diy on myself, so i thought i'd document it... might not happen ever again, or at least not for a while {even though i always thought i'd be doing stuff like this all the time}.

• • • • •

on another much more important note... {because i don't want to simply post happy pictures of whimsical things when there are so many hurting and struggling through yesterday's and today's storm} my prayers are with the families enduring the destructive conditions on the east coast. i have no photo to go with the prayers that i am lifting up on their behalf. instead, i just offer words. hoping and praying your lives will quickly return to a sense of normalcy and that you have all the help you need to get through this.


Andrea said...

Super cute! Might have to try this.

georgia b. said...

thanks, andrea! =)

it's so easy. you should try it. cheapest way to update and otherwise bland pillow... and make it cuter!

Amanda said...

Those are adorable! Way to go. I am very impressed with your craftiness.

georgia b. said...

awww. thanks, amanda!! =)

Barefoot from Heaven said...

What a good idea to give old stuff new life. And they look adorible.
Bet little mister Isaac is fond of the owl.
Happy days to you and yours.
Hugs Dagmar

georgia b. said...

thanks you, dagmar! yes, isaac loves owls!! happy days to you as well!