thankful for good things in small packages

good thing_1
... was inside this small package.
{not the smallest package i've ever received, but still relatively small.
small by dimensions... not by the value it held.}

the box said STOP!
good thing_2

good thing_3
i can't even tell you how patiently {most of the time}
i have waited for this upgrade and boost
to my photography inspiration and passion
{and hopefully to my livelihood, too!}.

good thing_4
good thing_5

good thing_6
the af-s nikkor 50mm f/1.4g lens i have been wanting for so long!
bought mostly with money i received for my 40th birthday...
along with a little money i got from a design project i did.

it was soooooooo worth the wait!
i instantly loved my new lens
and couldn't wait to use it.
so that's just what i did.
i removed the kit lens that came with the camera i have
{which is what i used to take the above photos of my new lens}
and put the new one on
to start taking pictures of anything within a three-foot radius of me
{i was in the living room}...

like my favorite plant and isaac's new toy box
{toys are scattered no more... see last post}...
good thing_12

and my favorite guy's {mr. b's} guitar...
good thing_11

good thing_10

and my favorite snuggly blanket on the couch...
good thing_7

and issac's toys atop his toy box
reflected so whimsically in the coffee table glass...
good thing_8

and of course... little isaac.
admiring his dad's guitar here...
{he's gonna be a guitarist for sure!}

just hangin' out on the couch here...


well, i won't write too much more about my lens here.
i'm guessing {or hoping} my little photo series tells the whole story.

but i just have to say,
i could not be more grateful
that i received my new lens yesterday...
just in time for thanksgiving.
we'll be spending the day with mr. b's brother's family
and their mom and dad who are up from florida.
isaac will be seeing his baby cousin, lucy, for the second time.
what a great excuse to use my new lens!

i'm grateful to have the lens, period...
not just today, but EVERY day.
the above photos could not have been taken with my old lens
because of the low amount of natural light in my home.
they would have been blurry if i had tried.
but with this new lens, i've got so much more flexibility!
and it's giving me the most dreamy d.o.f.!
i'm so thrilled.

lastly, i am so thankful for the things you see in these photos...
my home.
my family.
isaac's toys.
mr. b's toy.
and my new toy!
even the blanket on the couch...
it represents warmth.
literal warmth, when snuggled up underneath it.
the warmth of a home that shelters us in the cold.
the warmth of the love we have for each other.

i have so much!
and i am truly grateful.
every day.

what a wonderful "first thanksgiving" morning with isaac
it has been around our home today.
i woke up and got started on this post.
brewed a cup of coffee.
walked past the bedroom to see mr. b and isaac
sleeping in, content as can be.

when isaac finally woke up,
mr. b. and i went in to greet him
and wish him a happy first thanksgiving.
we had such a sweet time of giggling
and telling him how grateful we are for him...
that he is healthy, beautiful and happy.

asking him what he was thankful for...
"mommy kisses?"
"parents that don't give you away even though you wake them up a thousand times each night?"
"all your cute baby clothes?"
"yummy food?"
"mommy and daddy?"
"how much you are loved?"

we had the nicest time,
just hangin' out on the bed for a little while.

now, we're all getting ready for our trip to the city to see family.
i'll be sure to get some photos.
and i still have more photos from my
"first photo shoot of isaac with the new lens" session
from yesterday.

but until then,
the best "good thing in a small package"
i have ever received
has a little message for you...
happy thanksgiving!
love, isaac
{and his mama, too!}


Stacey said...


Such beautiful pictures! I can't wait to see more! :-)

Happy Thanksgiving, my friend!

S. Etole said...

Enjoying your thankful heart and your beautiful photos. Thanksgiving blessings to you.

nacherluver said...

Happy Turkey day to you as well.

Isaac is so beautiful!

Have fun with that new lens. I'm drooling!

beth said...

i'm SO SO SO happy you got your lens.....so happy !!
i know you will love it with all your heart :)

Nate Heldman said...

yippee! so happy for you, porgie! already the shots you've taken are amazing, and i'm sure the new lens will give whole new inspirations and curiousities!

glad you loved your "1st" thanksgiving. we did, too, although we missed you B.I.G. time. (brac, isaac, georgia) :-)

Caroline said...

Oh yes...now that lens is gonna love you back! Have fun...those photos are just beautiful too!!!

tracey said...

there's nothing like a new lens. :) Feeling your gratefulness for you!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! There's nothing better than moving beyond kit lenses. :D