to be little again + a slice of fall and a day in pictures

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there's no other time of year that makes me feel more giddy than my favorite season, which {to my delight} we are now in. as of this weekend, i am beginning to think my favor for fall was born when i was very young.

there's something mystical and magical about spending time with little children outdoors {or even indoors} during autumn. i did so yesterday... on a brisk, colorful, perfect-slice-of-autumn day. and it kindled some memories of the crunchy leaves, cool air and exploration i knew as a child. 

i can't help but wonder if the other mom i walked with felt the same way i was feeling as she watched her sweet girls with my isaac. she and i met as adults. {let's just say "long ago"... without reminding everyone how old i am.} neither of us had children at the time. in fact, we were both still single. as friends, we've spoken of many things in conversation over the years. but never of our early childhood, as far as i can recall.

yesterday, though, it's as if we did somehow. not with words. with observation, rather... observing our own little ones spending time together smack dab in the middle of their childhood. and i'm pretty sure she was reminded as i was... that there's a magical mystery to being a child. and the best thing about children is that they want so much to share that magic with us big people.


and i found it compelling me want to be little all over again.


Renae said...

Oh I love photography like that (high angles and soft light) and with out words. Helps me just move my imagination along. great!

I love to take pics, but I don't think I am a photographer, but some of my sweet followers are saying I am, which gives me some confidence.

georgia b. said...

thanks, ranae. glad you enjoyed these photos. i so enjoyed taking them. i will have to go check out your photos... especially upon reading what you say about it.