to my sweethearts

isaac and dad sleeping

dear mr. b. and isaac,

you know i don't really subscribe to the holidays that commercialism tries so hard to get us to acknowledge. but i'm also not opposed to a reminder now and then to take the opportunity to tell those i appreciate and love just how much i appreciate and love them. 

so on this sweetest day, i'm telling you. for all your kisses and hugs that flow freely, i appreciate you. for all the ways you make me laugh, i appreciate you. mr. b., for all that you do for me... the little things and the biggies... like working so hard every single day of the week to make ends meet... i appreciate you. for teaching me so much about myself and being patient with me, isaac, i appreciate you.

you are my sweethearts. and i could watch you sleep next to me all day long.

but sometimes you just have to get up to make/eat heart-shaped pancakes. let's do that tomorrow, shall we?

all my love,


Kathy said...

Beautiful :)

beth said...

such a sweet message....and photo....xo