not up for debate

with tonight's presidential debate and all the media and social media responses that followed, i felt the need to post something whimsical... something contradictory to the divisiveness over these two candidates that seems to be everywhere.

i'm not saying the debates are not important. i very much believe they are. and i have watched every one so far in this election season. but i found myself, tonight, feeling discouraged on many levels and actually wanting to leave the room. and truth be told, i should have wandered off to my computer to finish up the editing of this shoot i did last week. two sweet girls who are anything but divisive... quite the opposite, actually. they are very unified and quite good chums.

i'm sure they have their disagreements and quarrels now and then. but it's evident that they are true friends that look out for each other.

anyway, they make me smile and remember my childhood growing up with a twin sister... giggling and running and just plain being silly.

i feel discouraged about several other things, too... not just politics. i'm very behind in so many things {i.e. posting my shoots and some personal projects}, i have not felt well for about a month, i'm tired and overwhelmed with all i need to do, and i am once again disappointed with how some people choose to handle situations in life... with a complete lack of communication and with silence. i've never in my life been taught that this is how to handle something. but it seems to be more and more the way some choose to deal with things... or rather, the way they choose not to deal with them. i will not claim to be a perfect communicator. i often say things the wrong way. but i'd rather communicate sometimes badly {without intent} than not communicate at all {with intent}. so it's difficult to understand when someone else does not share that same philosophy and handles something that directly affects someone else by ignoring it. all this and more has been sitting upon and squishing the positive outlook i normally have.

needless to say, i needed a little whimsy in my world tonight. these two girls are that source of lightheartedness i could use right about now. if only life were always as simple and care-free as it appears to be here.

very soon, i'll be able to post a whole bucket-full of sweet images from this very fun shoot. but until then, i thought i would share a long-overdue moving picture.

of two sweet girls.

and that, no one can dispute... it's simply not debatable.


Kathryn said...

Thanks for the smile this morning, I really needed that . . . I did end up walking away from the debate last night, it was just stressing me out too much. True debate is an artform that seems to be getting lost as time goes by.

georgia b. said...

i agree, kathryn. maybe what happened last night is necessary... but i don't think it should be called a "debate", then. glad i could make you smile today. =)

Jean said...

it's so annoying how trendy sports & politics have become b/c of social media. it's kind of annoying.

i know... i am not perfect about communication, but some things you just need to communicate!! and i don't understand how people choose to handle certain things in life; which involves more than one person in the party... i just shake my head because really, who am i to judge anyway? right? but if anything goes wrong w/ their lack of whatever they may lack.. please do not bring me into it or say that i should have done this or that... when obviously, worry for yourself. anyway............

i love these moving pictures. i used to be able to do it so easily on microsoft picture it, but haven't had that thing in forever. i have cs5 and my sis has it too, she can do moving pics, but i simply,,, cannot sit still for a few mins to learn it unless i really need to. bad me.

anyway, hope things go well w/ you and that people work on their communication skills as we are all learners everyday! ;)

georgia b. said...

thanks, jean.

it's really simple to make those moving pics in cs5. that's what i have, too. it's a lot simpler than you realized. let me know if you ever want me to walk you through it.

Andrea said...

look at the happiness on their faces! i love to see your moving pictures. :)

georgia b. said...

thanks, andrea! =)

Connie Smiley said...

All that joy bubbling over is infectious; it made me smile, too. Beautiful girls, and a fantastic moving picture!

georgia b. said...

thanks, connie!! =)