i can finally spill the christmas beans!

before i write a single word, can someone just tell me how this happened...
how isaac got from this...
isaac bundled
{his first christmas}

to this?...
in just one short year? time is flying by. no, really. flying. i'm a bit speechless.

so i sit here drinking some holiday cheer, scrolling through the few photos i took of our trip to the cabin over christmas 2012. it was spent with mr. b's generous parents {who rented the cabin} and his brother's family. we just got back today, so i thought i'd post a pic or two and give warm, belated wishes for a merry christmas.

although, i guess i can't wish you a merry christmas anymore, can i? but i can say that i hope it was merry.

ours was merry.

it was also delightfully cozy when in front of the fire. tasty, too... with plenty of delicious food to eat.

there was a tiny bit of crazy and hectic sprinkled in. but all in all, the trip started well and ended even better, and it was filled with laughter and gratitude for family, provision, togetherness and health.

i love the above {2nd} photo. isaac's got that quintessential wonder-of-christmas-morning look on his face as he sits in dada's lap, opening gifts that mr. b. helped reveal from isaac's new manly-man green and brown houndstooth stocking from target. {was so happy to find that little gem... i couldn't find a single stocking for him last year that didn't look too bright and fru-fru. i wanted something he wouldn't grow out of after age seven or eight... something he can have when he's my age. this was perfect!!}

speaking of stockings... come christmas 2013, we'll have the perfectly appropriate place to hang them... on our NEW FIREPLACE, in our NEW {to us} HOUSE!!!

clutter-free friday
{photo borrowed from an old post when we weren't actually moving, but i pretended like we were.}

THIS is the news i've been dying to share, but holding back on until we knew it was a sure, sure thing. we close friday and will be new home-owners by the first of the the new year!

oh, goodness... i'd love to go into the details right now. but all i can muster after our christmas get-away {and thus lack of sleep} is to say this...

there were so many times when it didn't look like this was going to happen... a move... a home purchase. it began to consume many hours of many days, for which i had to tune out much of the previously usual day-to-day activity so as to focus on doing my part to make it happen. and i can only thank God for his provision and direction to see it through from beginning to end. the long process was a test of our faith, for sure. it was also a big patience-builder as it proved to be a real energy-drainer at times.

{hahaha... energy-drainer. that's funny. we've yet to move. i haven't seen anything yet, have i?}

but here we are on the cusp of a new year that brings with it BIG.HUGE.EXCITING new changes.

you can be sure i'll be posting some pics of the new house... maybe even some pics of us moving out of the old. we've been renting the second floor of an older home {sans fireplace} for several years. i cannot lie. i am going to miss it tremendously... this charming apartment we're now in. it has been home to our love of vintage mid-century modern furnishings, doing them a real justice with the unique vintage bones it possesses. i'll miss it for that reason to be sure {even though our new home was built in 1960 and also possesses a ton of mid-century modern architectural/interior goodness that we can't wait to work with}.

but i have to say... the fact that isaac was born while we lived in this home is what will make me miss it the most. i'll miss this sweet nursery that is adjacent to the office i am now sitting and typing in. there's no question... i will surely cry when i pack our last few belongings and carry out the last few boxes. when i close the door for the last time, i'll feel a great sense of nostalgia and sadness... and i'll miss what is behind it before the key has even turned the lock. i miss it already. *sniffle*

but i look forward with tremendous anticipation to living in a house of our own.

goodness! now look at what i've gone and done. i've rambled on about moving, even though i said i would not.

i'll just add this... i'm also looking forward to documenting so much more of the whole transition... our move out. our move in. our unpacking. our before-and-after photos. our journey to restore this home to its mid-century modern glory. my ups and downs and projects and finds along the way.

oh, the plans i have... just can't wait!

but first things first. i've got some packin' to do! please excuse me while i go get my move on.

okay... now i'm done.

here's to a happy new year! 



Jean said...

Yay! That's so exciting! I even wanted to do a birthday post for our home (christmas eve), but for obvious reasons (seasons & grandma's passing), I didn't get to. But this is. so. exciting! I was very excited too! The whole journey of house searching to packing to moving in... and just playing with and in the home... These past four years have been so great and I can see why you are going to miss your apartment. It's bittersweet. Our home was built in the 1920's... Walking to our bedroom (the attic) is fun with the steep stairs, but sometimes dangerous. Yay!! Happy home!!!

Also, you sure are right. Isaac is growing so fast. Time really does fly! It's no joke at all!!!! Glad you guys are enjoying the time, though! xoxo

stacey said...

Oh congratulations, G!!!!!! What a wonderful Christmas gift! I've been waiting to hear if it came through for you and I'm SO happy it did! I know what it's like to move out of the home you brought you baby home to, but this new home will create many new and wonderful memories. I can't wait to see photos and hear all about it!!! So excited for you, friend!!! Merry Christmas!!

A said...

I have been wondering where you were!! Relieved it is good news!! Congrats on the new home... can't wait to hear & see more of the new home!!!

Candace said...

Congratulations, Georgia! Home ownership is wonderful...to know your money is working for you and not someone else. I've only owned one home but I'm so attached to it, I would find it very hard to ever leave, even to upgrade, it's just a very sentimental thing to me. How fun to start the new year in a new home! Happy 2013.

Amanda said...

That's so exciting! I can't wait until I can move into a house. Congratulations!

beth said...

yeah...the beans have been spilled :)

if you need any help, you better call me. unless there's an awful snowstorm, i can be there in a jiffy !!


ps....it was a very merry christmas and our new year...well i'm SO looking forward to that !!

Michelle said...

Congratulations!!! Such an exciting time!!

georgia b. said...

thanks, everyone! =)

Anonymous said...

Very excited for you and your guys. :) I hope you aren't moving to far away. I hope we still will be living in the same town. Please let me know your new address. I would love to come see your beautiful home. If you need anything let me know. So happy Isaac will have a new place to explore and make new memories. Yay for you all. So very happy for you.
Julie and the girls :) :) :) :)

georgia b. said...

thanks, jules!! i just may have to take you up on that!

GailO said...

Such exciting news Georgia! Congratulations!! I can't wait to see what you do to a home of your own:)

May you have a Happy, Healthy, and Fulfilling New Year...well it looks like you are already on your way to that!


georgia b. said...

thank you, gail... the very same to you this new year!