these days

first snowfall

it finally snowed... appropriately so, on the first day of winter. there's that.

then there's this... i realized today {as the glistening clumps of ice on our trees caught my eye} that it's been over a month since i took a single photograph. november 20th was the last time my camera recorded anything through its lens.

and those shots were not even photos for myself... but for a sweet friend who asked me to take some pics of her kiddos, hoping to get something frame-worthy to give to her in-laws while visiting them over thanksgiving. {will share some of those below}.

other than that, no photos of anything... not even isaac. SHOCKER. me? not take pictures of isaac? for over a month?

i've even surprised myself with that, to be honest. surprise that teeters on disappointment, because i hate the thought of not having recorded him in some way for such a large chunk of time... especially right now when he is changing so rapidly.

i'd have felt this way anyway, but even MORE so when i saw this {which instantly had my mind up for me to be a part of... with not even the slightest hesitation}.

truthfully... i had the same thought, after seeing the released photo of olivia, as that of the person who started the olivia project when she saw the photo. i was also quite sure that the photo was from a professional shoot {you can just tell}, and not just some random pic downloaded off of someone's phone. it made me sad because, also like the founder of the olivia act, i could tell the photoshoot was done recently. it was a sobering thought. but it also solidified why i take pictures... not just of my own son, but of other families... for other families... the kids and their parents.

so... if you are a reader that lives in the chicagoland area {namely the northwest suburbs} and have a somewhat local family in mind who you would like to see get this 30 minute family photo session {from me at no cost}, please nominate them by leaving me a comment and some info as to where i can contact you. or contact me via the e-mail link at the bottom of my blog.

i'd so love to take part in this act/movement that is sort of sweeping this online community of photographers everywhere. i love the idea, and couldn't be happier to give back this way.

that said, i realize i need to get some pics of isaac very soon, too. there were multiple reasons i chose to set my camera down for a while. but all it takes is five minutes outside on a sunny, wintery day while isaac naps to get some pics of the freshly fallen snow and the icy branches reflecting the sun before i want to get back into it. i do miss that little electronic contraption!

the last time i took photos of isaac was late october...
DSC_0934 DSC_0959-1 DSC_1004-2 DSC_0994-2 DSC_0998-2

and again shortly afterward in early november for some early christmas cheer...
DSC_0106 DSC_0078 DSC_0100 DSC_0101 DSC_0079 DSC_0095 DSC_0114
tell me that's not one handsome little guy right there. go ahead. just try!

if you think he looks different {i.e., all grown up} in these, imagine how he must look a whole-big-giant-month later!

it's bitterly cold here today. in all honesty, i have not so much as stepped out of my house for almost two weeks now... lots going on to keep me here. so it felt good to get out for a minute or two, even with the plunge into arctic-like temps.

other than my post from a couple days ago, my blogging has migrated to the back burner just as much as my photography has. but i'm certain that before my break at some point, i mentioned something about major things in the works for our lives. unfortunately, it's still too soon to spill the beans. so i remain hush-hush for a little while longer.

hah! i guess i could have just made a short post that said... "these days... can't tell you much." ...and then been done with it!

i can tell you this... i'm enjoying my home. i'm enjoying sweet isaac who says "no-is" for nose {while grabbing my no-is... OUCH!} and says "BUMMM-berrrs!!"absolutely any time he sees any numbers anywhere, especially when he walks past the bathroom and is reminded of the multi-colored foam numbers that he gets to play with during bath time. {oh, my gosh... he is a NUMBER FIEND if i ever saw one... and i LOVE it!} he knows every number up through ten and every letter of the alphabet... having finally just conquered "W", which sounds a little more like "dubwah-wah". {that darn lone, muti-syllabic letter!!}

wish i could play audio of it all here for you. it's the cutest thing ever. yup. ever.

on thanksgiving day, he chipped one of his upper front teeth on that cast-iron tub of bumbers. i nearly cried. but i've come to realize... not even a chipped tooth can dim that brilliant smile of his. in fact, it might just be even more endearing now. hardly a day goes by that i'm not gobbling him up every chance i get.

well... i think that's mostly it. that's really just about all of what these days are right now. we look forward to christmas and new years and a boy who's one year older than last, with one year more of awareness and experience under his belt... christmas is going to be that much more magical this year because of it. CAN'T WAIT!

i leave you with my girlfriend's sweet little ones... the couple pics that actually {sort of} turned out. {they're quite wiggly at that age!}...

brawner kids_23 see what i mean?
  brawner kids_22brawner kids_15 brawner kids_2 brawner kids_32 brawner kids_14 brawner kids_34
love those kids! love the hats!... one of which is courtesy of yours truly.

i'm sure i'll be back on here at least one more time... to say merry christmas. but just in case i don't make it back before tuesday... MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Steve Gravano said...

Isaac is so big, and yes he is a handsome young man! Merry Christmas!

georgia b. said...

thank you, steve. merry christmas to you and yours!!

Heather M. said...

that boy of yours is such a cutie! love these photos, even if you haven't taken many lately.

that must have been so scary when he chipped his tooth. :(

hope everything is okay. so good to hear from you again.

wishing you and your family a very merry christmas, georgia!

georgia b. said...

thank you, sweet heather.