a little privacy, please!

#projectlife365 #privacy

i don't know where my brain is... i seem to be goofing so many things up lately. you'd think i'm sleep-walking. some goofs are big deals, while others are just stupid little things. like my pre-proofed published post yesterday. and then realizing today, when i went to see what the photo prompt of the day was on project life 365, that the one i did yesterday {daily_commute} was actually supposed to be for today, and i missed the photo challenge i was supposed to use yesterday {privacy}. sheesh. not a big deal to anyone else, 'cause i'm pretty sure nobody gives a hoot which day i do which challenge.

but it's a big deal to me, because it's just one more notch in my mommy-brain belt, and i keep thinking "where's my brain lately?" sleep deprivation will do this, i guess!

guess i'll do the "privacy" challenge today instead. or rather, i already did...

i wasn't sure what i could find in this house that says private. there aren't too many things that the three of us keep private around here. as a family in a home not shared by others, we are somewhat private without even trying to be. but we're somewhat transparent, too. i'd say the most private person in the family is mr. b. he's so private {compared to me} that he doesn't even have a facebook page.

anyway, then i remembered how isaac has recently started pushing his dad out of the room when he has to make a poopy diaper. 

{hmmm... i guess "poopy" is not a real word, because i'm getting spell-checked on that one.}

back to my point... it's the cutest thing when he does it, and we are not at all sure where he figured this new move out. i'm typically here with him most of the day, so i change the majority of his diapers. for several months now, we've been getting him used to the idea of his potty-training seat, and when we can tell he's going poop in his diaper, we encourage him to go sit {diaper still on} in his green seat afterward... to help him associate the chair with the act.

it seems to be working, because when he sits down on the seat, he makes a grunting noise. and from what i hear, the fact that he knows what he's supposed to do in that seat is a good sign that he's ready to go with the training.

as far as where he got his little "remove all people from the area i'm about to poop in" routine, all i can think of is this... he knows that when we are doing our business in the bathroom, we close the door for privacy. he must have picked up on the idea of wanting to be alone for such things. or perhaps it's just instinctive?

either way, it's sort of endearing, and it makes me glad, too. i just have a good feeling that he's got a much better comprehension of the whole potty concept than i first gave him credit for. and i'm so looking forward to beginning the training. well... not really looking forward to the actual training. but looking forward to the end product {absolutely NO pun intended there} and benefits on the other side of training.

it sounds strange, but i'm also looking forward to being able to apply those dollars we'll save from not having to buy diapers anymore to something more fun!... like supplies for house projects or something!!

#projectlife365 #privacy

anyway, it won't be too much longer before mr. zebra can't sit in this still-sanitary spot anymore. and since he looks so cute there {love the color combo!}, i thought i'd get a few shots to remember this little set-up.

#projectlife365 #privacy
#projectlife365 #privacy

okay, that's it for my poopy post. i mean, my privacy post. *wink*

i hope to soon be posting about his graduation from training! i hear boys take longer to learn than girls. here's hoping i'm a good trainer and he's a fast learner!

{p.s... i welcome any and all tips from veteran moms!}


beth said...

boys do take longer :(
but we learned from someone else to let boys climb onto the big toilet backwards, facing the tank, to learn how. this way, especially while pooping, they can play with a car or something on the tank top.....without worrying about falling in :)

georgia b. said...

really?? i've never heard that trick from any mom. you're the first! hmmm... that would require me to keep my toilet very clean i think. guess i better get in that habit! =)

my mom said she used to have my brother read on the potty while he was learning. that's why he was such an early reader, i guess. thought of trying that, 'cause i KNOW isaac loves books, and i have a feeling it would keep him there when we need him to be.